Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


27. chapter 27!

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Macie's POV.

i can't believe it. my harry is nearly gone. after i walked out of the door i ran into bella and the boys.

'hey macie, do you want something to eat?' liam asked. i don't want to be talking about this right now.

'urm, no thanks, i think i'm gonna go for a walk...' i whispered. i pushed past them and headed for the exit. as i was stepping out of the door, i heard people rushing around, but i thought it as nothing. I was about to get in my car, when i heard someone shout my name.

'hey, wait! are you macie lawrence?' the man asked.

'Yeah, who's asking?'

'i'll need to to come with me' he said without answering my question. he started walking back into the hospital, so i thought i should follow him. we started walking in the direction of where i was just a few minutes ago. Hey, isn't this the way to harry's room?...

the others weren't stood outside anymore. they've probably gone to get something to eat. as i kept following the man, we ended up outside harry's door. i went to push the hair out of my face, when i realised my face was wet. i think i had been crying this whole time? i'm so upset but the fact that harry has actually gone hasn't sunk in...


oh my god.


thats it, i'm never going to see him again. i'll never hear his deep husky voice, get lost in his emarald eyes, nothing. its over. thats it.

whats going to happen to one direction? harry's family?

'miss lawrence, we have good news!' the man said interrupting my thoughts. how can anything be good at this time.

'mr.styles has woken up, but-'




before he could carry on his sentence, i opened the door to his room and sprinted to his bedside. he was sat up smiling, and bella and the boys were sat on the sofa. i haven't looked at him properly for so long. his chocolate curls fell messily around his face. his green eyes were bright and sparkling, and his pearly white teeth showed a wide grin as he joked around with the others. louis, niall, liam, zayn and bella looked a bit more like themselves.

'harry! your ok!' i said excitedly. i wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug.

'um....hi' he said awkwardly.

'whats up cupcake?' i asked confused. why is acting like this? i'm his girlfriend, he knows who i am?


'well i kind't know you..' he said.

what? how could he not know who i am? we've been together nearly a year!

'haha, funny joke! seriously though, give me a hug!' i said laughing nervously. he just looked at me confused.i looked over to bella and the boys, who all had sympathetic looks on their faces. bella came over and softly grabbed my arm and tried to take me outside.

'no! i need to see harry!!' i screamed. zayn came over and grabbed my arms, while i tried with all my strength to pound his chest. he took me outside and sat me down on a chair. my arms ached from trying to hit zayn's chest, and my head was spinning from whatever just happened. finally, i gave up and just broke down. salty tears streaming down my soaked cheeks, while zayn stroked my hair in an attempt to comfort me. i heard whispering and zayn was replaced by someone else, who i instantly recognised as bella. she pulled me in for a huge hug. bella's hugs were always warm and made me feel at home again. i felt her head move, and looked up at her.

'macie, i need to explain this to you, please dont interrupt me ok?' i nodded weakly in response as she took my hands in hers.

'ok, so because harry was in a coma for so long, it effected his head a bit, causing some memory loss. he cant remember anything from a certain point, but we havent figured it out yet. he remembers the boys and that he's in one direction, but he can't remember you. macie, i'm so so sorry and if i could change it i would, you know i would. the doctor said he might start remembering things, but not much. he said its unlikely that he'll remember you.' bella explained.

so harry has memory loss? that means he cant remember all the amazing times we had, the gorgeous places that we'd go on dates to. he doesn't even know i exsist...

'anyway, we dont want you being upset all the time. me and the other lads discussed it, and we decided it would be better if me and you moved away. to america. it will help you get over this, and its a boost for my career too. this definatly isn't just about my acting, this is about helping you. our flight leaves tonight, your mum packed for you. so, the boys apart from harry will come with us to the airport to say goodbye, and thats it i guess...' she whispered the end.

i'm moving to america? with my bestfriend but without the boy i love? who, did i mention, doesnt know who i am!? this cant be good. also, i'll miss the boys so much. well, i guess i don't have much of a choice.


-skipping until 9pm---

we're at the airport, our flight leaves in and hour, but we're saying bye to niall, louis, liam and zayn now... they all stood in a line, as we said our goodbye's. first was niall, this will be hard..

'macie, i just want you to know you are such an amazing friend. me and the lads will never forget you, we love you, remember it.' his cute irish accent spoke sadly as he pulled me in for a horan hug. next was louis. because of the big distancce, louis and bella had to break up, which i kinda felt like it was my fault..

'macie, none of this was your and the boys will miss you so much, good luck with everything.' he smiled, giving me a hug. i moved onto the next person, zayn.

'macie, this is just the start of a new day. i'll miss you loads, and good luck with it all!' he said, giving me a long hug. trust zayn to be all deep, haha. i came to the last boy, liam.

'macie, this really is'nt what any of us wanted to happen, and you know any of us would take it all back if we could. i really, really will miss you. all of us will. good luck, and take care of yourself.' he sadly spoke, as he gave me a comforting hug. i stood waiting for louis and bella, it was like a scence from a film. they were both crying, while he was holding her in his arms.




bella's POV.

this is my worst nightmare. we're all getting seperated. i said my goodbyes to everyone, then it came to louis. i looked up into his eyes, and even more tears fell down my already soaked face.

'bella, please dont cry beautiful. you know this is for the best, for macie and harry. you are the most amazing person i've ever met, honestly. i'll never be able to find someone like you. good luck with your new life, i hope you find someone who can take care of you better than i could. stay safe, have fun, and i'll always love you. remember that.' he said as a few tears streamed down his face too. i gave him a quick kiss, and one more hug. putting my head in his shoulder. pulling away. i walked over to macie and took her hand in mine. we looked back at the upset boys one more time, and walked towards the gate. i guess this really is it.

this is the start of our new life.




no one's POV.

as macie's long blonde ponytail bobbed up and down as she walked, and bella's turtle backpack draped over her shoulders, the boys looked at them with an upset look. but every single person that was a part of that scence, knew that wasn't the end. little did they know, they know, a new beggining would be happening much quicker than they expected....













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