Forbidden love

Sierra is an ordinary 14 years old girl. She is from California. She falls in love with a boy in her class named Mason. Sierra is afraid of telling anyone about her feelings, not even to one of her many friends. Mason and Sierra is in love with each other, but the only problem is that Masons cousin, Dana is in love with him, and he HAS to be her boyfriend so he won't disappoint his family. What will happen with Sierra and Mason?


2. A strange feeling

In the break I sat next to the other girls. Jo, Paris, Dana and Selena. On the other table next to ours, the boys sat, inclusive Mason. I got eye contact with Shayne. I didn't feel like a thousand buttefeelings was released from my stomach. I actually hadn't think about him today. He standed up, came a cross the school yard and stand in front of me. He looked deeply in my eyes. There was something different now. My heart didn't melt. He asked me if I would make his Spanish homework, I said no. For the first time in 9 months I said no to make Shayne McClains homework. I felt relieved. Like a heavy bag fell from my shoulders. I could see in his eyes, that he was a bit chocked. He let his fingers slid down my naked shoulder, and said " come on Sierra, if you make my Spanish book report, we can find something out". My knees weaked down, but a voice inside my head kept telling me that I shouldn't back down. So I took his hand and removed it from my shoulder and said no. Everybody made the "oooooh" sound. Shayne said "I thought this was all you waited for, a one night stand with me, but now you missing everything". I didn't actually care now I said. I really thought that I would cry, but I didn't.I could see how Mason smiled. It made me smiled. We had eye contact, and I got a little shy, so I looked the other way. Just to make Shayne a little more angry, I invited everyone to a big party at my place. My father was at a business trip, and my didn't mind. She knew that there wasn't something wrong by throwing a party. I texted everyone on the entire school, except for Shayne. The party was at the 14th of June. When I told my mom about the party she was dope. She didn't mind at all, and she even told me that I should find the perfect dress. I was a bit nervous, because of Mason. I just couldn't figure out why something had changed. It didn't made any sence.
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