Forbidden love

Sierra is an ordinary 14 years old girl. She is from California. She falls in love with a boy in her class named Mason. Sierra is afraid of telling anyone about her feelings, not even to one of her many friends. Mason and Sierra is in love with each other, but the only problem is that Masons cousin, Dana is in love with him, and he HAS to be her boyfriend so he won't disappoint his family. What will happen with Sierra and Mason?


1. The new boy

"Sierra hurry, I don't want to be late at the first day of school after the vacation." i'm not sure why it was so annoying because Jo was right of course I didn't wanted to be late. "I'm coming now. Calm down!" The bell rang and Jo and I hurried. Mr. Cruise said that we had to have a Biologi test, and I was so angry! Why should we have a test, the first day of school? Jo and Paris gave the "OMG he is so stupid look" and I thought the same thing!
In the middle of the test something caught my eye. A new boy. He saw me too. I smiled and then realized that I had to finish my test. Something had changed inside of me, what it was I didn't exactly know but I knew that it was just after I saw the new boy. After the test was over, Mr. Cruise presnted the new boy. His name was Mason. He was Danas cousin from New York.
"Sierra, what's wrong with you today? You just sit and stare" Dana said. Was I day dreaming? I picked up my things and rushed to my locker. There was someone. Mason. I talked to him.
- "hey, my name is Sierra and I'm your new classmate."
-"hey nice to meet you, Mason"
-"so your locker is right next to mine."
-"yeah, I hope that's okay"
- "I need to go right now, so see you in next subject. Really nice to meet you Mason."
-"nice to meet you to Sierra"
Was it destiny or something else?
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