Isle of Gods

Katia had everything going for her. A loving boyfriend, tons of friends, and a degree in Greek mythology. On a date with her boyfriend of the coast of Ireland in a small boat, Katia is sure Alan is going to propose, but what will happen when a storm hits and is nowhere to be found? Meanwhile, Katia washed up on a island in the middle of nowhere. Who will be her savior?


3. Lost (Alan)

  This can't be happening. This can't be happening, I thought as a was brought back to life by a life guard.

  "Are you okay, dude?" asked the life guard.

  "Where am I?" I coughed.

  "You're in Ireland, dude?"

  "Good, back in Ireland. Now, where's Katia?"


  "Katia. My soon to be wife."

  "You were the only one who washed up, dude."

  Right after he finished his sentence I fell into a haze. I felt numb and murmured, "No. No. Katia. Katia she has to be here. Katia?" I repeated her name over and over, each time getting louder, as I walked to the edge of the water as if I would see her flailing in the distance.

  "She's gone, dude," the lifeguard said behind me.

  She's gone. The love of my life is gone.

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