Isle of Gods

Katia had everything going for her. A loving boyfriend, tons of friends, and a degree in Greek mythology. On a date with her boyfriend of the coast of Ireland in a small boat, Katia is sure Alan is going to propose, but what will happen when a storm hits and is nowhere to be found? Meanwhile, Katia washed up on a island in the middle of nowhere. Who will be her savior?


2. Can It Be? (Katia)

  That was 12 hours ago, I think. My clothes had dried and I washed up on an island in the middle of nowhere. I walked the perimeter of the island looking for resources. I found nothing but the knowledge of the island being very large. The only life I've seen is trees and plants and sounds of animals in them. I knew one thing for sure. I was going to die out here. Alone. As far as I knew, there was no water source - or at least no easy access - and no food that I didn't have to kill. I was too afraid to venture into the jungle and see if there was a tribe of some sort, but if there were, I think there would be some sort of sign. My tongue was completely dry - something I have never experienced. 

  I stood and began pacing. Should I try to swim back? No. I had no idea how far I was from Ireland. I continued pacing until I realized I was hearing footsteps that weren't in sync with mine. I stopped and turned around to see... nothing. I sat with my back to the water so I could see the island and I heard splashes in the water. I turned and saw wakes in the water, but no life form. Oh, no, I thought, Not this early. I can't be going insane already. 

  You aren't, a voice - not mine - inside my head said. Turn back around. The voice was heveanly, almost too heavenly to trust. 

  "How can I trust you?" I said aloud.

  "You don't need to trust me to see me," the voice said. The curiosity killed me and I turned. A man, about six feet tall, was standing there. He had blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes, and rippling muscles. he was also glowing gold, but that was probably my insanity.

  "You're not real," I said.

  "To some," he responded.

  "How can I be sure you're really... there?"

  He reached out his hand to help me up. "Take my hand," he said. I hesitantly reached out and felt the firm grip of his hand on mine. "Trust me now?"

  "Who are you?"

  "Apollo - God of the Sun."


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