Isle of Gods

Katia had everything going for her. A loving boyfriend, tons of friends, and a degree in Greek mythology. On a date with her boyfriend of the coast of Ireland in a small boat, Katia is sure Alan is going to propose, but what will happen when a storm hits and is nowhere to be found? Meanwhile, Katia washed up on a island in the middle of nowhere. Who will be her savior?


1. The Storm (Katia)

  Alan and I have been together for seven years; so when he took me out on his small boat, I figured he was going to propose. We were a couple miles out when I saw dark storm clouds rolling in.

  "Alan!" I yelled over thunder, "A storm is coming! We should head back!"

  "In a moment, love. I have a question for you," he responded calmly. "Katia Rose, will you--" He was cut of by lightening striking in the water close to the boat. The strike caused a wave that capsized the boat. Alan and I were thrown into the water. 

  "Alan!" I screamed.

  "Right here. Calm down. I'll get the boat back up and help you in it." He went to work, but his plan didn't seem to be working.

  "Alan, the wind is picking up."

  "I know. I almost got it." I felt a tug on my right leg.

  "Rip tide!" I screamed.

  "Katia!" he reached for my hand, but I was swept away. Being carried to a place where I would find a sadness that I thought I would never know.

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