Love Triangle

Melanie is a 19 year old who loves to sing and dance and hates being called normal or original. Her friend Tory starts to date a certain british boy. The problem is she also wants to date a different boy but there are two. Will she be able to pick? Irish or British? Will she pick neither? Who knows? Well I know but i'm not gunna tell you!!! Read to find out!

(btw I like to use the same names so if you see a name that i will use or have used its not a sequel)


7. Run off

-Tory's POV-

After all the hospital crap I soon found out about Melanie's gay Dad and no family. Wow thats....interesting? I didn't know how to react to when the doctor told me. When I got home I didnt get the chance to go through the window so I had to face my Dad. I breathed in a sharp breath and slowly opened the door. I was surprised when two tuff hands grabbed my shoulders and lifted me up into the air and on to someones shoulder. I looked and saw it was walter. I could smell te alcohol on him. He was carrying me upstairs and into my room. I think its safe to say, I was scared to death. Literally. I wouldnt be surprised of he killed me on the spot. He wrapped me up but before he locked the door and took my clothes of. Let me rephrase that, he painfully ripped my clothes off. My favorite shirt! Dangggg! I Let a tear drop as he continues. I heard a doorbell! Yes! Walter murmered something and said, "Don't you even think about leaving. This aint over." And he unlocks the door and I hear loud thumps going down the stairs. I took the chance and I grabbed my backpack that was underneath my bed that was filled with things I would need (Always prepared for these opportunities). I Grabbed a long sleeved shirt and put it over the shirt I was in now. He didn't take the whole short off and i wasnt going to be running in a ripped shirt that showed my bra. I opened my window and didn't look back. I heard a man scream and "I wouldnt have done that if I were you!" I knew this was going to be bad. This wasnt the first time I ran away. Last time when he caught me he broke my leg and stabbed my arm for a punshment. Mel brought me to the hospital and said I fell on a knife and in the process broke my leg. I know a louzy lie but we were only 13. This time. He'll kill me, I'm sure of it.
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