Love Triangle

Melanie is a 19 year old who loves to sing and dance and hates being called normal or original. Her friend Tory starts to date a certain british boy. The problem is she also wants to date a different boy but there are two. Will she be able to pick? Irish or British? Will she pick neither? Who knows? Well I know but i'm not gunna tell you!!! Read to find out!

(btw I like to use the same names so if you see a name that i will use or have used its not a sequel)


3. Meeting The Boys

Tory POV:
I walked home with Melanie silently and I went in the backyard and got out the ladder. I never went through the front way so I went through my window. I climbed through and sat on my bed listening to the radio doing my homework when ,as usual at this time, One Thing by One Direction came on the radio. If I had to pick a song of favorites out of their album it would be that song. I feel a buzz in my pocket of jeans.

~To:Tory :)
Heyyyyy! It's your favorite Harry!
~From:Hazza ;) ~

I look at my screen blanklyan reply slowly
~To: Hazza ;)
How the heck did you get my #????????
From:Tory :) ~

He replys almost right after I responded

~To:Tory :)
U no how you dropped your phone during class and I gave it back after class?
From:Hazza ;) ~

~To:Hazza ;)
From: Tory :) ~

~To:Tory :)
Thats when

Wow he's sneaky.

To:Tory :)
Soooo wanna hang out?
From: haaza ;)

What? He wanted to 'hang' with me? I'm a nobody! Sure I can sing but i'm very shy about singing infront of people and its not like i'm famous.
Why? I'm a nobody

I kinda regret saying that because I very self cautous so I feel he going to realize I'm a nobody and say 'oh ya! Thanks for the reminder i'm gunna go to the club and make put with random girls and next day break there hearts!'

~To: Tory
To me you are Somebody always will your just to stubborn to realize your beautiful. Don't say that again please.

Aww!- i mean uggg... Who am I kidding! That was so sweet!

Thanks I would love to come over...Can I bring my friend?
From:Tory :)~

No problem! ;) Ya sure

After words he texted me the house they were renting and other detail and I forwarded it to Mel who instintly texted back 'I will be there in 20 minutes'

Melanie POV: . I was so excited! I was going to meet One Direction! I just couldnt believe it! I knew Tory was going to wear what she wore to school, Not that I blame her she always looked good in bright colors so she had nothig to worry about. But I did! I had no idea what to wear! First impression, I kept saying to myself. I decided I would text Tory for her to come over and help.
When she did she ran to my closet looking at all me clothes. After 5 minutes of her looking and me looking at twitter she picked out a simple outfit. She threw a bare of black skinny jeans and a light blue shirt with a black microphone on it. I got dressed. I noticed I was right, Tory was wearing the same clothes except wore some fancy headphones she wears all the time at home around her neck listening to music. It was her favorite present she has ever gotten for Christmas that her Mom has gotten her. The last present. The headphones has a British flag on it but the background of the flag was green. (a/n-Tory's outfit is a real outfit) I put on some flipflops and headed out the door. "I call driving!" Tory says while getting into my car. I don't know why she bothers saying that, I hate driving. I get into the drivers seat and give a little squel while I put the address in the GPS.

~5 Minutes Later~
. Before we got out of the car I gave another squel and stepped out with my hands shaking. 'Stay cool' I kept saying under my breath. Tory was calmly getting out of the car clearly annoyed of me being, well me. Tory was about to knock on the door when the door opened and Tory insstead started knocking on Louis' head. "Oh...Sorry!" Tory says trying not to laugh. "Who's at the door Lou?" I hear a thick irish accent ask. Niall! "Its just Tory and her friend- Whats your name love?" He asks me. I kind of froze forgetting my name and before I could answer Tory answered because I was taking so long. "Melanie" I nod. "-Her friend Melanie!" "Is she hot!" I blush as I hear Niall coming down stairs asking the question. Louis comes over and inspects me "Yep!" I blush a dark red. "And blushes too!" Then I walk to Tory so He couldnt realize I blushed again.

Tory and I awkwardly stand near the door while the rest of the boys sat on the couch. "Come over here love" I think Liam said that. We walk over there slowly but there wasnt room on the couch so we sat on the floor looking at them in serious faces, they were too. The first to laugh was Niall and I at the same time. Tory soon joined. "Why-May I ask- are you sittting on the ground love?" I look at the floor playing with my fingers, "There wasnt room" I hear a laugh. "Well come on and sit on our laps then we don't care!" I look up and I already see Tory getting up obviously not caring. Doesnt she think its a little wierd sitting on One Directions laps?!? "There just regular boys stop refering them as one direction" I notice I said that out loud. I half curse under my breath when I get interupted by Liam, "now now just because your embarressed because were sexy doesnt give you the right to swear" I laugh smiling and he smiles back. He pats his lap and looks at me with his puppy eyes. I roll my eyes and sit on his lap while he holds me tightly. This is not happening. Don't fangirl mel don't fangirl! Good not fangirling. I see Tory laughing while she sits on Louis' lap while he shakes her saying its an earthquake. I look at Liam smiling and his chin on my shoulder. 'Go ahead and get comfortable i don't mind' i laugh silently. I also see Harry staring at Tory and Louis. Jealous? Wow. Then I see Zayn texting but sometimes whispering to Harry probably saying stop staring its obvious. Then I see Niall staring at me and I look at the ground before he can see me blush. Why do I do that? Ugg so annoying.

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