Love Triangle

Melanie is a 19 year old who loves to sing and dance and hates being called normal or original. Her friend Tory starts to date a certain british boy. The problem is she also wants to date a different boy but there are two. Will she be able to pick? Irish or British? Will she pick neither? Who knows? Well I know but i'm not gunna tell you!!! Read to find out!

(btw I like to use the same names so if you see a name that i will use or have used its not a sequel)


1. Intro

Melanie POV:
Hello! My name is Melanie! I live in the US and I wish I was british! I have blonde hair and green eyes. I'm 18 years old. I love to sing and dance and have fun with my best friend Tory. I have haters but who doesnt? The populars don't but I try not to think about it. You see as much as both Tory and I wish we arent very loved at either school or home. We both support each other but each day seems it gets worst. When at school you are called 'wanna bees' or 'loners' or whatever the new word is called for losers you can guess we are not very popular. Don't get me wrong I don't want to be popular I just hate the hate they give us. You might be wonderig why would we be called wanna bees well we go to a school for talented people. I dance and Tory sings. I do both but dancing is more my thing. Just because we're not popular doesnt mean we are not good. In fact we are one of the best! I don't know why were not popular but I guess it wasnt meant to be. At home I am adopted and my foster parents hate me and are never around and Tory is abused by her stupid drunk dad. I hate to think about it. Sometimes she would come to me in my backyard in our treehouse we made crying her eyes out. When we were eleven we decided we didn't have a place to run away from our parents in a private place if we were feeling sad or something we couldnt go to eachothers house because we knew it would just make things worst so we made a treehouse and either of us when ever could go in and we framed two pictures. A picture of my mom and dad before they died and a picture of Tory's mom who also died.
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