Love Triangle

Melanie is a 19 year old who loves to sing and dance and hates being called normal or original. Her friend Tory starts to date a certain british boy. The problem is she also wants to date a different boy but there are two. Will she be able to pick? Irish or British? Will she pick neither? Who knows? Well I know but i'm not gunna tell you!!! Read to find out!

(btw I like to use the same names so if you see a name that i will use or have used its not a sequel)


6. Home....No longer mine

Melanie POV:
I woke up with wet cheeks. Great I was crying in my sleep. I then started to focus my eyes. I wasn't in my room. I sat up quickly but sat right back down unwillingly. I was strapped down!?! I examined the room I was in, it was a light grey paint nothing on the walls except one window but there were shades so I couldnt see. I looked at the side of me, there was a chair and a desk with a few magazines and a glass of water not touched. I looked at my other side seeing a sort pf machine with a wire attached to my arm. My arm!?! Then I mentaly gave myself a facepalm. I'm in a hospital! Right on cue a nurse came in looking at her clipboard and looked up when my bed gave a creak. She saw me and lost color in her face, as if she saw a ghost. I noticed she was very young for a nurse, about 20-22 years old. "Umm are you alright miss?" She looked like she was going to pass out. "B-but you are supposed to be dead!" She studders, "Oh gee thanks" I murmer. "Oh no thats not what I meant!" She says but she still looked quite pale. "Could you just tell me why i'm here, why you think i'm dead, and why i'm strapped down and cant move?" I say dismissing her apology. "Oh! Well you see you went into shock in your sleep" She started to regain color as she talked confidently "and your friend...Tory?" she says but sounds more of a question as she lookes at her clipboard once again to make sure her information was correct. "Oh yes Tory! And she found you spazzing on the ground shaking and all so she called us!" I nod in understandment. "That still doesnt explain why i'm strapped down and why you think i'm dead." I say. "Right! So you were still shaking and so we needed to strap you down so we can give you a shot so you can go to sleep. And well there was an accedent with the wrong needle-" "Wait what!" I shout. "So we thought you were dead" She quickly adds but sounds more like sowethoughtyouweredead. "When can I go" I say without emotion. "Well after we do a quick check up and you need to sign things but after that you can leave!" She smiles at me.

~After all that hospital stuff~
I get home and I see my stupid mom in my room surrouned by my stuff in boxes. "Whats going on" I say hardshly, "You are going to leave as in adoption center because we don't care about you so we are giving your stuff away and selling it for much expense even though this stuff isnt worth a penny and ditching you." Wow straight forward. "What ever" I say picking up my suitcase and walking downstairs
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