Love Triangle

Melanie is a 19 year old who loves to sing and dance and hates being called normal or original. Her friend Tory starts to date a certain british boy. The problem is she also wants to date a different boy but there are two. Will she be able to pick? Irish or British? Will she pick neither? Who knows? Well I know but i'm not gunna tell you!!! Read to find out!

(btw I like to use the same names so if you see a name that i will use or have used its not a sequel)


5. A random chapter

Melanie POV:
I don't really remeber what happened but I guess we got home and thats when things got crazy.
I got home with both my parents sitting on the kitchen table staring at each other. Uh-oh. Both parents in the same room, not screaming but i could tell they were mad. I tried to slilently go to my room but no such luck. "Where were you?" my mom said. "Why do you care?" I reply harshly. They shrug. Wow great parents. "We don't" I feel tears in my eyes. I knew they didn't but i never actually heard it. I was hoping they did deep down. I let a stupid tear slide down my cheek. I continue walking but I stop when my mom is talking to my Dad. "Now thats done with where are the divorce papers" What. They are having a divorce? "I still cant believe you" I hear my mom mutter to my dad. What did he do? "You and your stupid boyfriend" My DAD'S GAY!!!! "Its natual" My dad says calmly. I didn't want to hear anything more but my legs had a different mind. I was frozen. "Do you want the kid?" "No, you?" "are you kidding? No!" "lets go to the adoption center tomorrow then" I run upstairs crying throwing my self on my bed. They don't care about me. My dad is gay. I'm going to be abandoned again. Again! I sob in to my pillow as I prosess what is happening. I hope so much I don't have to leave this town. I couldnt leave Tory. She needed me. Her drunk dad and all. She couldnt handle that alone. I couldnt handle this alone.
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