Life With One Direction

This is about a girl and her four other friends wanted to meet One Direction. Who knew just by going to the park down the street that 5 girls would meet the idols. Read the story to find out what happens (This is my first story so please don't hate me if its not that good. Thanks. =D)


3. Shopping the next morning

Lauren's P.O.V.

        I woke up the next morning at 10am and realized I was the only one up. We needed to wake up so we can go shopping and be at the concert on time. I woke everyone up and everyone started getting nervous because it was so late. We got ready and had some toast for a quick breakfast. We all decided that we wanted to go to Rue 21 to get clothes for tonight. As we got to the mall we realized that it was really busy but we hadno idea why. As we walked in the mall we saw One Direction signing books for all of their fans. It said they only had 5 minutes left of signing so we didn;t get in line because we wouldn't even get close to them so I took out my phone and texted Louis to meet us at the food court in 20 minutes. The girls and I were really excited to see the boys again so we decided to get food while we were waiting for them. When the boys got there they all asked what we wanted and we all stated we needed help picking out what to wear to the concert. We decided on going to JCPenny's to look at dresses for each of us. It took no time at all to pick out the perfect dress for each of us.

     My dress was white and had navy blue flowers on itand it was srapless. Skyler gotgot a  a dress that was pinkish and kinda peachy with flowers on it. It looked amazing on her. Holly got a black dress with whit polka dots on it and it also had a black skinny belt going around her stomach. The dress was so pretty. Ashleigh got  bluish/greenish flowly dress that really made her green eyes stand out. Last but never least, Christina got a black andn white flowery flowly dress. It look amazing.


   After we were done dress shopping we went to show the boys what we picked out. They all stared in amazment. When we were offically done we realize it was 4 o'clock and the concert was at 7. We still had to go home, get in our dresses, do your hair and make-up, and eat dinnerbecausewe knew that we wouldn't get home til about 11pm. We said out goodbyes to the boys and left to go to my house to get ready. It finally hit us that we were going to see our favorite boybandever in concert and we had backstage passes. We were so excited!


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