Life With One Direction

This is about a girl and her four other friends wanted to meet One Direction. Who knew just by going to the park down the street that 5 girls would meet the idols. Read the story to find out what happens (This is my first story so please don't hate me if its not that good. Thanks. =D)


4. One Direction Concert

Lauren's P.O.V.

It was time to go to the concert. The girls and I were so excited. We got to the place where One Direction was going to preform we were amazed at how big it was. We were also surprised that we had front row tickets for the concert. It was now time for One Direction to come on stage. The screams were so loud that we all thought our eardrums were going to brust. They sang a few songs and now it was time for them to sing "What Makes You Beatiful" and they said they were going to do something thety never had before. They were going to bring a girl onstage for each of them to sing to. We had no idea what to expect and we knew they would never ever pick was to go on stage even if they did know us more then the other fans in the crowd. We al were waiting to see who they were going to pick and to our surprise they picked us. Louis picked me, Zayn picked Skyler, Liam picked Ashleigh, Niall picked Christina, and Harry picked Holly. We all were so happy we all started crying. Louis grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear "Don't worry love, everything will be fine."Before they started singing all of the boys asked all of us girls if we would be there girlfriends.


Louis' P.O.V.

   We couldn't help it. We had to ask the girls out in front of everyone. As we all asked if they would be our girlfriends some of the crowd awwed and some of them just booed and left the stadium. They girls were shocked but all I was worried about is what Lauren was going to say. I looked over to her and she was crying but she had no idea she was. All she could do was nod yes. After she agreed to be my girlfriend I picked her up and turned in circles. Next, I leanred nito her and whispered in her ear "I love you Lauren" she quickly replied, "I love you to Louis" then we both leaned in and kised. Soon I remember I had to sing "What Makes You Beatiful"






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