Life With One Direction

This is about a girl and her four other friends wanted to meet One Direction. Who knew just by going to the park down the street that 5 girls would meet the idols. Read the story to find out what happens (This is my first story so please don't hate me if its not that good. Thanks. =D)


1. Going to the park

Lauren's P.O.V.

       I was at my house with my friends Skyler, Ashleigh, Christina, and Holly deciding on what to do while listening to our favorite boy band, One Direction. We were talking on who our favorite in the band us. Mine is Louis, Skyler's is Zayn, Ashleigh's is Liam, Christina's is Niall, and Holly's is Harry. We all got bored so we decided to walk to the park.

       As we got to the park we noticed 5 boys sitting on the swings in hoodies and sunglasses. As we got closer to them we realized to they really where. It was One Direction. My friends and I walked over to them and asked if they where really one direction. As soon as we asked they wante to know how we realized it was them. It was very clear of how we knew. Louis was wearing this usual stripped shirt with red jeans and toms. Harry was wearing a sweatshirt with a cat head on it. Liam was wearing plaid. Niall was wearing a shirt that said "I'm Irish". Zayn was wearing a Varsity jacket with the letters Z and M. After we got done telling them how we realized it was them we talked for a while. After we all got to know each other we exchanged numbers because they said they had to go to get ready for a concert the next night. As they left they gave all of a hug and left. As the girls and I got home we realized that we all had tickets and backstage passes for the concert tomorrow night.



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