Lifes new story

Elle trys to move on over her friend Niall who left to join a band, Elle has kept no contact with Niall well actually vice versa can she handle whats going to happen?


37. Up All Night

We stayed up packing and goofing off as much as we could without anyone getting hurt. We got done packing and Louis suggested that we play truth or dare so that is what we ended up playing. Mary put the bottle on the floor and we all sat around it. We didn't who was to go first. "Whoever speaks the worst American accent is out!" so we spent about 10 minutes determining who was the worst and i was nominated with the worst accent. So i spun the bottle and it landed on Mary. "Mary, truth or dare?" I asked giggling. "Umm Dare!" she said. "Okay i dare you too... act like Louis for the next set of rounds!" So Mary stole Louis shoes and started talking and singing like him. Mary spun the bottle and it landed on Liam. "Liam truth or dare?" Liam didn't answer right away. "Truth." Liam smiled. "Baby!" shouted Louis. "Okay if you were a girl who would you be attracted to i this room?" Mary giggled and elbowed Louis. "Umm, I would be attracted to..... Niall." he pointed at Niall and he blushed. "Well that isn't going to work because Niall is all mine and I am not sharing him!" i yelled. "Last One!!" called Zayn. "Don't get jealous 'cause you haven't gone yet!" I yelled. When Niall spun the bottle it landed on Zayn. "Okay Zayn, truth or dare!" Niall said in his announcer voice. "Uh, Dare." Zayn said slowly like he was worried. "Okay I dare you to switch clothes wit Elle!" yelled Niall. Everyone but Zayn and i were laughing. Louis was practically rolling all over the floor and Liam looked like he couldn't breathe. Niall oh he was just smiling. "Oh and Harry because you haven't been picked yet you trade clothes with Mary." Huffed out the laughing Niall. Mary and Harry stopped laughing and Zayn and I started. Once Zayn an I changed clothes, i came out in long khaki pants and a white t-shirt and a sports jacket. Zayn came out with fuzzy green short shorts and a t-shirt that was really tight on him.  Mary came out in Jeans and a see through shirt that made Louis mad so he gave a jacket. Harry came out in a short skin tight miniskirt wit a puffy half shirt. Everyone was dieing from the sight.

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