Lifes new story

Elle trys to move on over her friend Niall who left to join a band, Elle has kept no contact with Niall well actually vice versa can she handle whats going to happen?


10. The Talk

All of the boys had turned in early so it was just me and Niall. So we turned off the movie and catch up with each other. The first thing he did was grab my wrist and i winced with pain. "How did you know?'" i asked. "It wasnt hard to see when you were chasing Liam. Why did you do this?" I look at my arms and finally told him. "Well we didnt talk after the Xfactor. I tried to call but you never aswered, same with writing. I was devestated! Then my mom died, well practically killed herself with overdose..." A tear or two escaped down my face, but he gently wiped it away. "I cant tell you how much i wanted to write you and call you! I was busy." i get up and start walking towards the stairs ready to break out into a full run but containing myself. "Elle.. wait." Niall trys to whisper as he runs over to me. "Im sorry Elle." I look at him and turn away but he picks me up and smashes his lip against mine. "Goodnight Elle..."

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