Lifes new story

Elle trys to move on over her friend Niall who left to join a band, Elle has kept no contact with Niall well actually vice versa can she handle whats going to happen?


27. The Shop

We walk into the shop and i see a lot of people. I get scared and back up a little but Mary links her arm with mine and guides me through the shop. "Let's find you a dress first! It's gotta be short!" I giggle while she slides dresses down a rack. Until she comes to a really beautiful short blue dress with frills. She shoves the dress at me and points to the dressing room. "Go try this on!" she smiles. I come out and the dress fits me perfectly. Right length. right fit, everything about it is right. She snaps a picture and puts her phone away. "Oh how i wish i could put that on twitter!" we buy the dress. Then Mary finds hers. It's a light pink Balloon dress and it doesnt fit her, she fits it! so we pay and head our way back to the house but stop into Victoria's Secret first. "Why are we here?" i ask Mary "A little present from me and Louis to you." She tells me to wait at the entrance and i do. When she comes back she has a bag and we head off.

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