Lifes new story

Elle trys to move on over her friend Niall who left to join a band, Elle has kept no contact with Niall well actually vice versa can she handle whats going to happen?


49. The News

I woke up at about 7, Niall was asleep because we had a day off. I softly moved Niall's arms and ran to the bathroom stumbling across the hall because my leg was asleep. When i made it i threw the door closed and opened the toilet and puked. Tears were streaming down my face not on my own will though. Thinking I was done I went to get up but I turned to the toilet and puked more. Louis walked in and saw me on the ground and immediately looked wide awake. He pulled my hair back as i threw up more. When i was done he grabbed me a wet washcloth and i held it on my forehead. Louis left the bathroom and came back with Niall who wasn't fully awake. Niall helped me up and gave me a hug. "Are you okay babe." He asked. "I don't know.." i said as i took the washcloth off my face. When i finally convinced the boys to go back to bed I got some clothes on and ran downstairs to the shops in the lobby. I saw the date on the wall at the one store. 'Today is December 3rd' i said to myself in my head. WAIT today is December 3rd I haven't had my period in a month. I run to one of the shops and snatch a box of pregnancy tests off the shelves and luckily the cashier is a dude and probably not recognize me. I quickly pay and run for the elevators. I finally make it up the penthouse in what seemed like hours and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I ripped open the box and took one of the tests and waited five minutes as I sat in the corner of the room. When my timer on my watch peeped I checked the test to se what it said..... Positive.    

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