Lifes new story

Elle trys to move on over her friend Niall who left to join a band, Elle has kept no contact with Niall well actually vice versa can she handle whats going to happen?


43. Shocked

I was completely at a loss for words. Niall and the boys smiled and i just stood there stupidly. Niall once again got onto one knee and asked the familiar question. "Elle, will you marry me?" he asked loud enough for the whole stadium to hear. A tear dropped from my face. "YES!" i yelled a smile as big as the sun on my face. The crowd cheered as Niall picked me up and spun me around in his arms.The boys were clapping and yelling along with the crowd. Niall put me done and picked up the microphone again. "Ok guys the next surprise is a song for you by the one and only Elle!" he yelled still smiling ad holding my hand. I looked at him and shook my head no, but then crowd started yelling my name. I took the microphone and Niall just gave me the look like 'your going to thank me later'. The boys ran off the stage and stood right up close to the edge in front of their fans. All of a sudden the song 'Secrets' by One Republic started playing. My mouth dropped because this is the one song Niall and I sang everyday. "I need another story.." i sang. I stood still with butterflies in my stomach until the song got faster. "Tell me what you want to hear!" I sang and finally got the courage to start moving. The crowd was already chanting. Then there was the boys who were clapping and whooing with Niall smiling right at me.  "All my secrets away..." i sang the last line and the stadium just lit up with applause. I couldn't help but start to cry from excitement. "GOODNIGHT!" yelled the boys to the crowd and from then on it was all a haze.

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