Lifes new story

Elle trys to move on over her friend Niall who left to join a band, Elle has kept no contact with Niall well actually vice versa can she handle whats going to happen?


48. Long flight to Brazil just to find out the horrible news

When we got off the plane, we made our way to an awaiting limo outside. The weather was nice and warm here considering it always rained in Ireland. After the 20 minute ride, it took an hour to make it past the fans and up to our hotel penthouse. I still couldn't get used to the size of the penthouse. When we finished packing we all settled down and watched a little bit of the TV before we hit our beds. The first story was about our concert in Sydney and how surprising the surprise ending really was. That was when it zoomed into a recent picture of my ring  finger holding the engagement ring.  After Niall and i kissed and giggled together I heard a name that really caught me off guard. "Young Adelynn was found rocking out at a One Direction concert where she said she had the time of the life. But the next day found at the signings and meet and greet of One Direction where she said that she was Excited about meeting the boys. But not only did she meet the boys she met someone who she said changed her life." I stare at the TV anxiously awaiting what the reporter said next. "Little Adelynn died of Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As she lied in her hospital bed she said her last words. 'Thank you to Elle O'Connor for making today the best day of my life, along with the boys of One Direction, you are with me always.' Adelynn will be buried at the Peace Garden Cemetery later on in the week. This is Maria signing off." My heart sank when the Niall shut the TV off. I couldn't move, breathe, or talk for that matter. I start breaking down as i fell to the floor. Niall and the boys crawl onto the floor and hold me tight just trying to calm me down. All i could think about was 'Why did i not notice this'.  The boys tried to help me up but i didn't want to move. If that little girl could not carry on her life why should I. The boys hugged me and went to bed while Niall stayed behind. "Elle, there isn't anyway we could of helped, she was dying already..." he muttered not knowing how to actually put it. I got up and threw myself into his arms. He hugged me tight and we headed to bed. Why did she have to die. 

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