Lifes new story

Elle trys to move on over her friend Niall who left to join a band, Elle has kept no contact with Niall well actually vice versa can she handle whats going to happen?


54. Back in Ireland

We arrived back in Ireland where Niall's mother was waiting for us. The boys were going to stay the weekend and then go visit their family. When we arrived at My house the whole living area was covered in decorations and friends i had met and my soon to be family were sitting in the living room."SURPRISE!" they all yelled in unison. I laughed and laughed with joy as i saw a sign that said. "It's Twins!" We all ate food and caught up and then Maura (Niall's mom) insisted that we open the baby shower gifts. I opened the first one a gift from Maura and in it was blue and pink baby outfits that read 'Ready to Rock'. We must have opened 10 gifts that were diapers. The rest were clothes for the babies, some bottles, and binkies. The last gift we open were from the Lads. I opened it and they were maternity clothes for me. I laughed and hugged them one by one. Then i hugged Niall or my fiance and we said our goodbyes to the family. Once the last of the family left we said goodbye to the lads because they had flights to catch and with that it was just Niall and I.

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