Five Minutes

These are little short stories that take 5 minutes to read and to write.

We do a lot of these in my english class and I thought that I might put the good ones (class opinion not mine) on here.


2. You step off a bus in London 2938

As I sprint off the old battered bus I know I am not ready for the sight before me.  The was that has shake this land has left my home destroyed. "The war is over now," they say, " The world has returned to piece and hapiness.  You may now go back to the place you remember as home."

"Home," I mutter to myself.  The word sounds bitter in my mouth.  This crumbling ruin is not my home.  Its as derelict as the castle I visited on a school trip many, many years ago.  Too many years.  Slowly, steadily, soundlessly, I force myself to step forward.  When my feet touch the rubble a force so powerful rushes through me.  A wave of emotion and memory rushing through my tired body.  Home.

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