Five Minutes

These are little short stories that take 5 minutes to read and to write.

We do a lot of these in my english class and I thought that I might put the good ones (class opinion not mine) on here.


4. Just the average Christmas view

Snow blankets the land in a firm embrace.  Beautiful in its own way.  The snow glints like the wondrous sun.  Soft between my frozen feet.  Cold, it is, despite how warm it looks.  In the background colossal mountains stand tall and proud.  Rocks peek out from under their pure white cover.  The trees are tipped with fluffy white snow like cotton wool, and the green eaves can be smelt from where I am: many meters away.  The warm, wooden lodges radiate welcomness, the snow little hats on their peaked timbre roofs.  I can hear the gleeful robins chirping in the background creating a lively atmosphere to an all too still landscape.  Beautiful, it is.

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