The Pirate Odyssey

For the croosover comp - a mix between Greek mythology (the Odyssey) and then Pirates, I s'pose... well, it's basically my version of the Odyssey, but with PIRATES! Exciting, right? Cap'n Odyssia and her crew are returning from war, though it takes a lot longer than planned...


1. Prologue

Assumptions can often be stupid and dangerous things to make, much like making a bomb, or cupcakes. Another stupid thing to do is read this book, especially if you have assumed anything about its contents.

For example, you might have assumed this book to be something not dissimilar to Pirates of the Carribean, which is about two brave men called Jack and Will, and a woman called Elizabeth Swan. The main characters tend to be the men, which can be unfortunate for female actors who are looking for a decent part.

Or the title may have caused you to assume that this is a retelling of the Odyssey, where the main character is another brave man called Odysseus, and the two most important female are arguably Circe and Penelope, who barely even get a look in. 

If you assumed either of those things, you'd be very wrong. Because in this story, the story of a group of female pirates called Odyssia, Euriloca, Melanthi, Alete, Nausicaa and the rest of the crew, Things are very different to what one could assume. 

So while I am forced to pen this tale, locked in the ship's cabin until I am done, you are not being forced to read the confusing and slightly sad tale of the Piratesses, so I recommend you go and do something you are being forced to do, like eating your vegetables, or playing catch with them.

You have been warned.

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