The Glitch in the Kill

Glitch and her best friend Jinx run into a bit of trouble on the way home from school.


2. Panic

I could hear everyone else getting out of the van behind me, but I couldn't stop staring at the wonderful architecture before me. I would have stood there for hours longer until Gadget nudged me forward. Stitch was holding on to Jinx's arm to keep her from running away, not like she'd have anywhere to go. By the looks of things, we were in the middle of mountains that were covered in trees, so running away wouldn't do much good. The boys led Jinx and I inside with Dean trailing behind.

When we entered, I was amazed....again. The place looked as if it had been built with great care. It was not what I expected of a place that had two killer boys in it and who knows what else. It had columns reaching to hold up the high ceilings, which were painted with an image of what looked like dark angels flying in the night without the people noticing them. We walked down corridors lined with famous paintings and came to stand in front of a large oak door with the word 'Headmaster' on it.


Stitch knocked on the door and it opened almost immediately. The four of us went in, making me realize that Dean was no longer with us. In front of us stood a man in a black suit and looked about as old as Dean. The headmaster had ash blonde hair and nearly black brown eyes. He looked at Jinx and I and glared.


"Now why are these two girls here?" he asked, trying to remain calm.


"Um, they saw us dispatch the target," replied Stitch.


"And what am I to do with them?"


"Well, you could train them. They were skilled enough to hear us. And they both have excellent speed." I could tell Stitch was actually afraid.


The headmaster slowly walked around us. "What are their names?"


Gadget and Stitch looked at us, realizing they didn't know.


"I'm Jinx and this is Glitch," Jinx replied.


"I am Headmaster Fearon. I welcome you to our school," he said to us. then he turned to the boys. "Now take these girls to their rooms. They will be across from you two. You are dismissed," he said and turned away while we were ushered out of the room.

Gadget and Stitch walked down more hallways and into a large white room. It had jars filled with coloured liquids sitting on the clean white counters. Syringes were laid out on a table, and there were gurneys sitting throughout the room.

"What are we doing here?" Jinx asked, carefully eyeing the room.

"Relax, we're just going to clean you two up," replied Stitch, picking up a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some bandages. He poured some of the alcohol on both arms, on the forearm, where all the cuts were, and passed the bottle to Gadget to help Jinx. Stitch began wrapping up my arm in the bandage as I sat there watching.

He looked up at me when he was finished, and gave me a soft smile. "See? We weren't going to hurt you." The way he said it didn't sound like I was hearing it from Stitch, but it made me think differently of him, because now I couldn't classify him as a psycho killer, just a killer.

They walked us down to what is now our room. I stepped inside and looked around. It looked as if someone had redecorated while we were in the infirmary, which we were apparently in longer than I thoought. One side of the room was hot pink and looked like it was meant to be Jinx's side. It had a bed with a black headboard and a hot pink quilt. The other side had soft grey walls with a black design that looked like a few roses growing along the wall. My bed had a silver headboard and a black quilt. The room even had its own bathroom.

"I hope you two like it. You had better get some sleep, you'll be having quite the day tomorrow," Stitch said as he and Gadget walked out of the room, locking it from the outside.

Jinx looked at me. "They're gonna kill us aren't they? I knew it! We're going to die!"

I looked at her in shock. She was having a full out panic attack. I just walked over to her and gave her a hug. When I pulled back I could see tears streaming down her face. I gestured towards her bed and she understood. She walked over to her bed and snuggled under the quilt as I walked to mine.

I could hear Jinx still sobbing, and I stayed awake until I heard her breathing slow, showing she was alseep. Then I finally closed my eyes and fell asleep thinking of what was going to happen to us tomorrow.

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