The Glitch in the Kill

Glitch and her best friend Jinx run into a bit of trouble on the way home from school.


3. Alarm

I woke up to a constant piercing ringing sound. I fell out of my bed and put my hands over top of my ears trying to drown out the sound. The ringing was still going on when the door was swung open and the noise suddenly stopped. I took my hands away from my ears and looked up to see Gadget and Stitch in their pyjamas, looking very irritated.

"What the hell was that thing?!" shouted Jinx.

Stitch looked at Gadget. "It appears the gadget geek forgot to turn down the school alarm clock."

"That was the alarm!"

"Yes," Gadget stated simply.

"Good to know. What was the alarm for?"

Stitch looked at her like she was stupid. "To wake you up to get ready for classes."


Gadget nodded his head, causing his already messy hair to be ruffled, and walked towards a wardrobe that I hadn't noticed before. He opened the doors and inside were two styles of outfits.

"These are your school uniforms. Find your size, and get ready," Stitch said. "Oh, and before I forget. What's with you? I haven't heard a thing from you," he said, pointing at me.

Jinx shrugged and explained. "She just never talks. No one really knows why."

Stitch looked at me with a puzzled expression, while Gadget looked at me with, oddly enough, understanding. Then they both simply walked out of the room to get ready themselves.

I looked at the uniforms in the wardrobe. I grabbed a black button up shirt with black jeans. The fact that they had jeans as part of a uniform surprised me. To top it off, I grabbed a white tie that had a black skull on it (odd right?) and a pair of black shoes. Jinx had the same thing except the shirt was hot pink and the tie was black with a hot pink skull. What kind of school was this?

We walked out of the room and found Gadget and Stitch already waiting for us. Their uniforms were just as odd. Gadget was wearing a grey button up shirt and a dark blue tie with a black skull. Stitch had a blood red shirt and a black tie with a red skull. Same black jeans and black shoes.

"You girls ready?" Stitch said as a smile spread across his lips, making me worry even more for what was to come. I nodded anyway, and we made our way down the hallways to one of the many classrooms as the bell rang. Now here's what the boys forgot to mention, we were the only girls in this entire school. Yeah.

When we entered the classroom thirty pairs of eyes turned our way. I immediately felt uncomfortable. I absolutely hate being the center of attention. Not a huge fan of people in general.

The teacher looked at us and obtained a shocked expression for a moment before composing himself and saying, "Welcome to my classroom. I am Mr. Coles. Gadget, Stitch, please take your seats."

The boys headed to their chairs at the back of the room and sat down, watching to see how things went.

"Girls, please tell us your names."

Jinx cleared her throat after a moment and became the Jinx I knew, confident.

"My name is Jinx, and this is my friend Glitch. It's a pleasure to meet you all," she said to the class, with a flirty smile to top it off. I refrained from rolling my eyes as all the boys immediately began whispering.

"Here are your notebooks. You may take your seats in front of the boys you entered with. I have to go see the headmaster for a moment so talk amongst yourselves." Mr. Coles got to the door then turned around and said, "And don't blow anything up." With that he left. I hoped he was kidding.

"Well, well. What are girls doing at Ravenwood Academy?"

I sat down at my desk and tried to ignore the swarm of boys surrounding us. Jinx went into flirt mode right away, so I just sat there drawing in the notebook.

I would have kept doing that all throughout class, if it weren't for someone grabbing it away from me. I lifted my head slowly to see who it was and saw Gadget and Stitch standing in front of me, Stitch was holding onto my notebook. I gazed at them calmly. They just looked back at me.

Before they could say anything, Mr. Coles poked his head in.

"Well, it appears you all get a free period as all the teachers must talk to the headmaster about our new students. Dismissed."

Immediately everyone rushed to the door. I hung back with the two boys. Jinx had already left with the class.

Stitch handed me my notebook and said, "Come on, there's something we need to explain to you." And at that moment, I knew they meant the reason we had found them standing behind a dead man.


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