What Makes You Beautiful

It was just a normal day for the girls. Kaylee, Alyssa, and Tori. They were just having a girls day at the beach when all of a sudden all whole crew of cameramen came pounding onto the beach, along with the newly formed band One Direction....


2. Is this a dream?

Tori's P.O.V.


        Harry and Zayn made their way over to us. Kaylee was completely frozen and so was I. One Direction might have been a new boy band, but not to us. We've supported them since the beginning and now we are actually going to MEET them. " Ello girls' harry said in a deep thick British accent. " H-Hi" Kaylee stuttered. I was to shy to even say a word... Curse you shyness!!!  Zayn noticed how i wasn't saying a word so he walked up to me. " Hi..." he started. " Hey..." I said softly, it almost looked as if he was smiling at the softness in my voice. I felt my cheeks heat up as I followed what he was looking at. He was looking at ME.


Kaylee's P.O.V.


           Harry's green eyes locked with my brown ones, Whoa, I can't be in love can I? I thought, but I guess Harry thought the same because I heard him mumble " Don't fall for her, she won't like the attention of the media...,". Although I kinda wanted him to fall for me, I mean I guess I did. Did I? Should I? Where would this leave us? WHAT WOULD JOSH SAY? All those thoughts swirled through my mind as I kept my eye contact with Harry. " Soooo ummmm do you maybe wanna go out sometime?' he asked.


Alyssa's P.O.V

         I totally was about to fangirl when I saw the two of them. Suddenly out of the corner of m,y eye I spotted Niall walking towards me. "H-hi"I stuttered. "Hello, what is a beautiful lass doing here?" he asked me. Oh My God. "I'm with my bandmates," I gestured to the both of you. "Bandmates? You're in a band?"  he asked me. "Yeah we're young awakening," I smiled. "How Ironic, I'm in a band too, by the way I'm Niall," He smiled. "I'm Alyssa," I added. "Maybe we'll see eachother again soon," he smiled handing me his number.







~ Tori

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