What Makes You Beautiful

It was just a normal day for the girls. Kaylee, Alyssa, and Tori. They were just having a girls day at the beach when all of a sudden all whole crew of cameramen came pounding onto the beach, along with the newly formed band One Direction....


1. What the????

Kaylee's Pov

      " GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP, TORI!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. " NO MAKE ME YOU FUCKING MUNCHKIN" Tori screeched from her room. The Irish temper got to me and I pulled her out of bed and she landed on the floor with a huge BANG! " What the hell Kaylee!" she yelled. " Well I'm sorry! But you need to get your lazy ass up so we can go swimming!!!!!!" I said in the tone of voice that she HATES. " Fine.." she grumbled and grabbed her hair brush. " But I am NOT going anywhere near the water I can't swim and I HATE IT!" she exclaimed. I went back downstairs mumbling " Vain little bitch...,". " I HEARD THAT!!!!" Tori yelled from upstairs. I went to my room and took out my pink bikini and slipped on a tight white tank-top and my jean shorts, then  put on my green flip flops. I plopped myself down on the couch and waited for Tori to come downstairs. 


Tori's P.O.V.

    After Kaylee woke me up I got dressed into my strapless silver bikini and then I slipped on my white cutoffs, then slipped on my red flip flops. As i walked down stairs Kaylee threw me a towel and we headed out to the car. We walked to the beach because it was only two minutes away. As we approached, a bunch of people were gathered around a group of boys. Who, in my opinion, were extremely cute. I looked at Kaylee and she started giggling. Two boys looked up when she giggled and I froze in my place. They were Harry and Zayn from the new band One Direction. Harry nudged Zayn and they started walking over towards us.....

Alyssa's P.O.V

All the ruckus woke me up, I guess Kaylee and Tori were having another one of their "Catfights". Getting out of my bed I walked to my closet. Were going to the beach today so why not pick out something nice? I finally found one of my nicer bikinis. It was AQUA blue and had white stripes along it. I then just slipped on a cover up and a pair of sandles. Running down the stairs and out the door I ran to catch up with Tori and Kaylee. When I finally caught up to them they were standing with 2 boys that looked Like i've seen them before. Then it hit me, It was Zayn and Harry from the band One Direction. 


~ tori

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