17 year olds Aurora and Shaynia are best friends living in England. When Aurora meets the boy of her dreams, she decides to keep it a secret from Shaynia, but it gets hard when she gets pregnant.


1. BFF

"c'mon Shaynia, the train leaves at 12" Aurora hollered as she got her bag ready. the two were visiting the city of Bradford, England. The two have never left their small town of Holmes Chapel, England together. Shaynia rushed down the stairs tripping over her untied vans shoelace a few times. The girls grabbed their bags and sped off. while they were in the car, Aurora noticed the house next to hers has been sold. she saw an attractive boy, maybe 18 years old walking into the house. he gave her a smile as she waved as they drove to the train station. "he's so attractive" Shaynia said smirky, with h half smile, similar to the boy's. "yeah, i know.. i want to meet him, after all, he is my new neighbor"

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