17 year olds Aurora and Shaynia are best friends living in England. When Aurora meets the boy of her dreams, she decides to keep it a secret from Shaynia, but it gets hard when she gets pregnant.


2. All Aboard!

"All aboard! Bradford train station!" the engineer yelled as the girls walked towards the train gate. Shaynia could tell that Aurora was fantasizing about that boy again. " He's just so adorable!" Aurora uttered excitedly. The two hopped onto the train with their ever-so-heavy luggage. Aurora pranced around, fantasizing about the next-door neighbor. When they arrived at the train stop, they hopped off, grabbed their heavy luggage and went on their marry way. "hey Shai, i'm gonna get some chips, ya want some?" Aurora asked Shaynia. "nah, i'm good, but can i have some fruity gum?" "yeah, i'll be back." Aurora ran off down the long corridor to the nearest food stand. She stood behind a boy with curly hair, looking somewhat like her new neighbor, and fantasized about life with the neighbor. As th boy in front got his snack, he turned around and she saw the face, it was the neighbor! she approached him with a warm "hi" and he immediately recognized her from the neighborhood. "hi! how are you!" he said cheerfully. " i saw you this morning leaving your house" the boy said with a bright grin on his face. 
"yeah, that was me and my best friend Shaynia" Aurora said shyly. "oh... em.. i'm Harry by the way. Your name is..." he said questioningly. "Aurora" she said shaking Harry's hand. "well, im getting some chips and fruity gum, so i'll see you around" she said trying to keep her excitement in. "yeah.. um.. i'll see ya around" Harry said walking away. "WAIT" she yelled. "can i have your cell phone number?" she asked ever-so-politely. "yeah.. sure... its 555-0129" harry said and he immediately sped off. "wow" Aurora said to herself "were meant to be" she quickly put the number in her cell phone bought the fruity gum and chips, then went off back to Shaynia and the luggage.

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