Ten Days Under the sun

Lucy Smith is 16 and lives in a quiet town in England but longs for something greater and more exciting. After finding out that her Step Dad isnt her biological father and discovering he lives in sydney, Australia. She embarks on a journey to visit her dad and decide weather she wants to spend the rest of her life living in regret or try iy out in austrslia with her dad. Shes given ten days to decide and before long she devolops friendships, relationships and much more. she soon has to go back to england and make her decision but what will she choose...


2. Chapter Two: The Bad News

I awoke at nine fifteen pm, the sun had long since set and the crowded bus was now almost empty. After a while the bus stopped at my stop. Hauling all my things i got off and waited for my mum and dad. It was just then when a brand new jeep pulled up beside me. It was mum. "Hey hunny, jump in" She cried. I sat beside her in the front seat of the car. Remember her text i asked her "What's this important news then mum". A nervous expression appeared on her beautiful, blemish free face. "Well..erm...you see" She began. I grew impatient and cried "Spit it out". I got a worried and anxious vibe from her, something wasn't right. "Michael isn't your real father." She whispered quietly. Tears streamed down her rosy red cheeks, Her dazzling blue eyes became red and puffy. "He's just found out and left me, he said he doesn't ever want to speak to me again" She continued. I was shocked, it didn't seem like anything she would do, She always criticised people who did things like that, calling them  whores and scumbags. "Oh god...Why mum?" I asked, my voice wobbled as i did so; i felt i might cry at any moment. Michael and I were very close, i felt i could tell him anything and he was always there. I felt  lied to, cheated and betrayed. Like i was played, in a game full of secrets and deceit. I had to know my real father; I had to know the truth. "Whos my real dad?" I asked anxiously. For a while, she didn't say anything. "Mum" I pleaded. Desparation flooded my eyes like waves crashing over me. Looking at me, eventually she caved in. "Alright, ill tell you but please dont be angry.." She told me gently.

I was so excited, the truth about my past and my family was just seconds away. My heart broke with the pain of knowing, i and all of my family had been lied to all these years but also leaped with the  excitement of knowing it was all about to be revealed. "Your really father is.." She began........... 

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