Ten Days Under the sun

Lucy Smith is 16 and lives in a quiet town in England but longs for something greater and more exciting. After finding out that her Step Dad isnt her biological father and discovering he lives in sydney, Australia. She embarks on a journey to visit her dad and decide weather she wants to spend the rest of her life living in regret or try iy out in austrslia with her dad. Shes given ten days to decide and before long she devolops friendships, relationships and much more. she soon has to go back to england and make her decision but what will she choose...


3. Chapter three: The Truth

"Joey Jackson" she stammered. The Joey Jackson!? I truly couldn't believe it, Joey Jackson was a reality  tv star. He was around thirty years old and everyone watched his show. "Oh My! The famous Joey" I asked surprised. "Yes it was before he was famous; i was over in australia for summer and i fell in love with him" She told me, the shameful sound of regret flooded her voice.Why hadn't she told me sooner?! I felt a sudden urge to get to know my real father. "I want to meet him" I told my mum. She looked shocked before saying "You can't... i mean.. he won't" She stuttered nervously. He didn't even know i existed. I was furious. Eventually, after what felt like a long time we arrived home, it was late so i went straight to my room. I turned on my laptop,  Clicking on google chrome i googled Joey Jackson's details. Finding hes agencies number, I thought for a while. I had to make a decision and i had to make it now.

Dialling in the number into my mobile, i nervously looked at the green call button. Hoping it would jump at me and tell me whether or not to call it, I hated going behind my mum's back  but i had so many questions that needed to be answered. I needed to know the truth, the whole truth. And that was something my mum would probably never give me. So as nerves took over my body, i quickly pressed the call button before i could change my mind.....

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