Ten Days Under the sun

Lucy Smith is 16 and lives in a quiet town in England but longs for something greater and more exciting. After finding out that her Step Dad isnt her biological father and discovering he lives in sydney, Australia. She embarks on a journey to visit her dad and decide weather she wants to spend the rest of her life living in regret or try iy out in austrslia with her dad. Shes given ten days to decide and before long she devolops friendships, relationships and much more. she soon has to go back to england and make her decision but what will she choose...


1. Chapter One

This is my diary, My life chapter by chapter and i hope, you as the audience of my extraordinary tale, enjoy it. Lucy is my name, I am sixteen years old and go to a private boarding school in london. To explain my current tale, i first need to explain my past and what brought me here....

It was the last day of school until we finished for summer. The bright sun hung lazily in the blue, cloudless sky. Everyone had packed there there things and after one final exam we were heading back to our families. Some of us would be back next year, Most of us would not. We were in year eleven and next year i was heading to college to study to be a teacher. "C'mon Luce, we've got our history exam" cried Amy, my best friend, dragging me out of the canteen. Pulling my blazier on we rushed into the exam hall. Everyone sat in their assigned seats and as people began writing their essays, i couldn't help but think, "Who will i be, which path am i taking and where will i end up?". As I became lost in thought and as second after second ticked on, i was suddenly Awoken by Mrs Jones, the headteacher. Her loud voice boomed throughout the crowded room, "Pens down!". Oh shit, i thought to myself as i realised i had not even completed the first question. Before i could try to complete the questions on the first page, Mrs Jones shouted over to me "Lucy! Pens down i said".

As the exam papers were collected, i couldn't help but worry over my exams, What if i was held back a year because of one tiny exam. Reluctantly i put it to the back of my mind as i left the school. My home was 5 and a half hours away from the boarding school, so i boarded the crowded, Smelly school bus. Just then, my phone received a text, it was from mum. The message read:

"Hey hunny, its mum here. Hope your on your way home. I've got some important news so please don't be late, love you xoxox"

Oh no! She didn't say things like this often, i was really nervous....


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