Ten Days Under the sun

Lucy Smith is 16 and lives in a quiet town in England but longs for something greater and more exciting. After finding out that her Step Dad isnt her biological father and discovering he lives in sydney, Australia. She embarks on a journey to visit her dad and decide weather she wants to spend the rest of her life living in regret or try iy out in austrslia with her dad. Shes given ten days to decide and before long she devolops friendships, relationships and much more. she soon has to go back to england and make her decision but what will she choose...


4. Chapter four

After getting put on hold for over an hour and telling many lies, i finally got put through to the man himself, Joey Jackson. "Hello, Whom am i currently speaking to?" He asked in a thick australian accent. I gulped nervously as i finally answered "Its Err....Lucy Smith. I'm your daughter!". For a second, no one said anything until eventually he said " How do i know this is genuine, i bet you're after money or publicity". I didn't know what to say. i mean, he did have a point i guess. I told him my mothers name and he froze in shock, he knew i was telling the truth. "She's...she's....why has she told you?" He asked still in shock. It was so awkward i hadn't ever spoke to him, i used to hang pictures of him on my walls and tell mum id marry him one day, and she knew all this time!.....


Thanks everyone for reading, what do you think should happen next. if you have any ideas message or comment me and i will listen :) 

- BethanyP xoxox

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