You Make My Life Complete

Stephanie is a 15 year old One Direction fan, she has four best friends that love One Direction too. She gets One Direction tickets for her birthday to go see them in London with her four best friends. Will her favorite member fall for her or pretend that she doesn't even exist??? Read to Find Out!!!


2. My Present!

"That's what makes you beautiful...", I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. Today was Friday and also my birthday. I got up and took my way to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I went back into my room to pick up my cloths. I choose to wear I went downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning princess", my mum said.

"Good morning, mum. Where's dad?", I asked.

"Here I am!", I heard him say.

"So happy birthday my little girl!", my mom came over and hugged me.

"I'm not that little you know." I told my mom.

Just as I finished saying that my dad came out of his room and wished me happy birthday. I saw something in his hand behind his back.

"Dad? What's in your hand?", I asked.

He gave me my present. It was wrapped in a gift-paper and look a lot like just a piece of paper, so I just put it in my school bag and went to eat something. After I ate, I left the house and went to the bus stop, where Rebecca, Katie, Talia and Riana waited for me.

"Happy birthday, babes!", they said to me and hugged me.

They each gave me a present. Rebecca gave me a forever directioner necklace. Riana gave me a 1D t-shirt and Talia gave me a Harry Styles t-shirt. I hugged them and said thanks for this.

"What did you get from your parent?" Talia asked.

I took the present out of me bag and opened it. We all stared to scream.....



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