You Make My Life Complete

Stephanie is a 15 year old One Direction fan, she has four best friends that love One Direction too. She gets One Direction tickets for her birthday to go see them in London with her four best friends. Will her favorite member fall for her or pretend that she doesn't even exist??? Read to Find Out!!!


1. Intro:

Hello. My name is Stephanie, I'm 16 years old. I live in New Jersey. 2 years ago I lived in London. We only moved because my dad got a job here, I'm not that happy about it... I'm going into my 3rd year of high school & yeah. And to be honest I'm a HUGE directioner. I've got 4 best friends and I'm so freaking happy to know them. We're just CRAZYYYY about them. Nothing but 1D. Rebecca, Katie, Talia, and Riana. I <333 Harry, Rebecca <333's Louis, Katie <333's Niall, Talia <333's Liam and Riana <333's Zayn.....     

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