The 154th Hunger Games

Verity is the female tribute from District 10. Her brother, Avro, is the male tribute from District 10. Verity is in a bad position.
Verity plans to keep Avro alive, whatever it takes, so she lives with him in the arena making sure he is surviving well. She knows that for Avro to live, she has to die and that if she dies, Avro will be hurt more than she will. So what can she do? Only one of them can win, and even that is not guaranteed as two alliances and 10 more tributes stand in their way.
Two winners from the same district have won before, but that led to an uprising so would they allow that again? Or will Verity have to sacrifice herself for her brother's well-being?


4. Vitus

I slowly open the cubicle door and look around. Nothing. I open it fully and step out with the backpack on my shoulder. Through the window, I see the cornucopia. I can look at it now, the sky has become dark. It's almost night-time. I also see a sword still inside it. My heart jumps but I calm it down. No, Avro is my priority; I'll get the sword with him.

I leave the window and cross to the door. I press my ear to it, and after hearing nothing I come away and open it quickly. I step out into the corridor, darker than it was earlier, and take a tiny footstep towards the boy's bathroom. After a quick shove I open the door to find nothing dangerous. Thinking its safe I step in.

I walk towards the lone cubicle, and I hear the door shut behind me.

"Avro?" I whirl around with my hopes set high, and it's all washed away when I see someone else. Vitus, the boy from 11, is stood at the door with a knife in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. Wait, water? Is it safe, where'd he get it from... the questions keep coming. Whatever the answers are, I stare continuously at the bottle.

"Ah, Verity from 10. You with the brother, Avro. I stood next to him at the beginning you know. He seemed nice. Shame about his age, though. He could have done a lot of things in his li..."

"Where did you get the water?" It was a demand more than a question. Vitus' mouth moved into a deadly smile.

"You want to know about the water, eh?" He took a step closer with every sentence he spoke. "Well, that's odd, that you'd want to know where I got the water rather than what I did to your brother."

"Where did you get that water?" My voice came out angrier. He was taunting me, but I had to show him that I wasn't to be fooled, or else he'd keep going, and I'd be in serious danger. He had the upper hand, he had a knife.

"Well I got it from the taps of course. Where else did yo..."

"Is it safe?" If Avro was still alive then I had to find him a water and food source.

"Yeah it's safe; if it wasn't then I'd be dead!" He gives an uneasy and hearty laugh, which kinda reminds me of Ambrose Flickerman, the interviewer.

"Drink it then." I feel like I could lash out and grab the bottle at any second. No Verity, it might not be as safe as Vitus thinks.

"Okay, I will." Vitus takes the lid off the bottle and raises it to his mouth. He gulps the water straight down and seems to be really enjoying it. Then his eyes roll the back of his head and he slumps to the ground.

The canon goes off.

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