The 154th Hunger Games

Verity is the female tribute from District 10. Her brother, Avro, is the male tribute from District 10. Verity is in a bad position.
Verity plans to keep Avro alive, whatever it takes, so she lives with him in the arena making sure he is surviving well. She knows that for Avro to live, she has to die and that if she dies, Avro will be hurt more than she will. So what can she do? Only one of them can win, and even that is not guaranteed as two alliances and 10 more tributes stand in their way.
Two winners from the same district have won before, but that led to an uprising so would they allow that again? Or will Verity have to sacrifice herself for her brother's well-being?


1. The Beginning of the End


My stylist gives a small nod and a smile, and the glass tube which I’m standing in seems to rise in response. This was it, the beginning of the end. I could be, no, would be dead in 10 minutes. I couldn’t survive the bloodbath at the cornucopia, there was absolutely no way. But, I had to try. I couldn’t win, but I had to try. My stylists smile disappears below the surface and all I can see is darkness. What is the arena going to look like? Whatever it is it’ll be deadly.

The light shines in and I’m temporarily blinded. What? Where am I? And where is Avro? Suddenly I see the arena for the first time.

On my left is what seems like an abandoned concrete jungle, grey and decaying. Across from me is a crumbling warehouse that’s part of the ghost town. It doesn’t look very safe at all. The roof looks unstable, the walls are cracked and the windows are covered with filth. On my right is a large forest teeming with life. Ha, not for long. That is where everyone will go. That’s the place I’m more likely to survive, but that’s the place where I’m more likely to be brutally murdered. And directly in front of me is the cornucopia, completely made of mirrors. When the sun shines then that is going to blind us. All around it are random backpacks and weapons that look pretty much randomly placed. I look for my weapon of choice, a sword, and find two inside the cornucopia. Great, 2 swords and 3 swordsmen, and the other two were careers. I was not getting a sword today. So where do I go? Crumbling city or dangerous forest? Killed by environment or killed by tributes?

The glass tubes stop and the countdown begins.


I don’t have much time left, to think or to breathe... Where do I go?


I look around at the other tributes. They all look either terrified or excited. I think I fall into the first category. We are placed in a semi-circle in order of districts and gender, so I’m im-between the girls from 11 and 9. 13 and 12 were destroyed many years back, and the Capitol now send two tributes too. You’d think they’d be careers, but they are far from it.


I glance at the career tributes, each of them with bloodlust in their eyes. They all look set on different weapons. The girl from District 1 suddenly turns her head and catches my eye. I swiftly look away. And then I give a little laugh. My name, Verity, means truth. Her name, Anneliese, means lies.

Ha, ironic.


So, if I did survive the bloodbath where would I go? Well, perhaps I could go to the city until everyone’s gone.


Yeah, I’ll do that.


On my left is Jewel from 11 and my right is Paige from 9. They both are younger than me, at 12 and 10.

Age 10.

I still can’t believe they lowered the age limit. At the last Quarter Quell they had 10 year olds fighting and the public ‘enjoyed’ it so much they kept the 10 and 11 year olds in. I was 10 the year of that Quarter Quell, and I was so scared during the reaping. Respect to Libby and Rhys, the tributes from District 10 that year.


Now my brother is 10. He was so scared in the reaping too.


Didn’t help that I was chosen.


I hope he’s okay.


Not scared or worried.


Didn’t help that he was chosen.

Let the 154th Hunger Games commence!

And it begins.

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