The 154th Hunger Games

Verity is the female tribute from District 10. Her brother, Avro, is the male tribute from District 10. Verity is in a bad position.
Verity plans to keep Avro alive, whatever it takes, so she lives with him in the arena making sure he is surviving well. She knows that for Avro to live, she has to die and that if she dies, Avro will be hurt more than she will. So what can she do? Only one of them can win, and even that is not guaranteed as two alliances and 10 more tributes stand in their way.
Two winners from the same district have won before, but that led to an uprising so would they allow that again? Or will Verity have to sacrifice herself for her brother's well-being?


3. Keeping Myself Sane

I can't take it any more. I stand up and wonder how long I've been in here. The cubicle has begun to feel very claustrophobic. I would pace, but that would make too much noise, and there isn't enough space. I keep trying to think about things and making up little stories, but my mind keeps wandering to Avro. Avro, he's only 10 years old. Poor him. I need to keep him safe. Or maybe it's too late.

I shake my head and sit back down on the toilet. So what do I do? I know. I start to run through the history of Panem.

First there was the Dark Days. A terrible war between the Districts and the Capitol. In the end the Capitol came out victorious and created the Hunger Games to punish the districts. Boo.

Then, in the 74th Hunger Games, the Mockingjay volunteers. She falls in love with the other tribute, Peeta, and together they win the Hunger Games. Yay.

Next, the 75th Hunger Games, the 3rd Quarter Quell. Previous victors battle it out. The Mockingjay and Peeta both go. In the end, the Mockingjay blows up the arena and she and a few others are rescued by the Rebels. Peeta is not among them. Boo.

Afterwards, the Rebellion. Another war in which the Mockingjay killed President Snow and ended the Hunger Games. They held one last one for the Capitol kids. Yay.

Soon, Snow's granddaughter (who volunteered for the Games, pretended that she had a death wish and then killed everyone else) won the Capitol Hunger Games. Amira Snow then had Victor status, and rallied up the Capitol folk who wanted to bring back the Hunger Games. Boo.

Their first method of trying it 'humanely' failed, so on the 50th anniversary of President Snow's death they bombed District 12. Again. There were no survivors. The Mockingjay, Peeta and their daughter's family all perished. Double Boo.

However, the Mockingjay's son survived as he was in District 4 at the time. He agreed with Amira that they could restart the Games as the Modern Hunger Games, but on one condition: that the Capitol had to send 2 tributes too. Amira agreed. So they restarted, with the arenas being built in the District of the previous victor. Triple Boo.

77 years later, with Elizabeth Myen as President, and Taurus Snow and Marina Mellark as Head Gamemakers, I was reaped. So very Boo that I have to scream. Except I don't. Because then I would be found and killed.

Wait! I remember something very important. One of the male careers (I think it was Ulrich) said that the bathroom door in the boys toilets was locked too. Fuck gender difference, I'm going in there, either to kill the resident or greet him with a hug. I may have just found Avro.
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