The 154th Hunger Games

Verity is the female tribute from District 10. Her brother, Avro, is the male tribute from District 10. Verity is in a bad position.
Verity plans to keep Avro alive, whatever it takes, so she lives with him in the arena making sure he is surviving well. She knows that for Avro to live, she has to die and that if she dies, Avro will be hurt more than she will. So what can she do? Only one of them can win, and even that is not guaranteed as two alliances and 10 more tributes stand in their way.
Two winners from the same district have won before, but that led to an uprising so would they allow that again? Or will Verity have to sacrifice herself for her brother's well-being?


2. Bloodbath

Avro darts forward as fast as his little legs can carry him trying to get to the warehouse. The warehouse? Avro, what are you thinking? Wait, Verity, don’t just stand there!

I shake my head and pull myself back into reality, just in time to dodge a knife thrown by the small career from District 2, Mahli. I leap off the podium and charge into the fray, watching my fellow tributes fight. My head turns and I see Olivia from District 5 being decapitated by Anneliese. Bad luck Olivia, you’re the first gone.  I charge towards a decent looking backpack, and just as I grab it, Circe from 7, holding a very sharp axe takes the other end. She tries to pull it out of my grasp, and when she fails, she holds the axe above her head...

And the next things happen in a blur. I grab the axe from her and she lets go and runs off. I drop the axe and then see the buff looking boy from her District, Scorpio, break her neck. The boy from her own District. He is a dirty traitor. He’ll be popular with the careers, but not with the sponsors. He turns his head to me, his eyes red with desire, and I grab the backpack and run. And that’s when I realise I’ve lost Avro.

I look around franticly. He had to be somewhere, right? Alive or... I'm not going to think that. Never. He was going towards the warehouse, right? That's where my legs are carrying me, so that's where I guess I'll be staying.

Just as I reach the door, the sun starts to shine overhead. I hear the screams as the cornucopia reflects the sunlight. I open the door quickly to avoid temporary, and deadly, blindness.

Looking up, I realise that the warehouse isn't in such a state on the inside. The walls are smooth and a light brown colour, and you can see quite clearly out of the windows despite the fake dirt and bright light. My eyes wander around the numerous doorways and try to work out which Avro would have taken. I see a staircase, and decide to take them.

Creeping up, I wonder who or what is inside the room at the top. The careers could be in there! No, wait, they're still outside. I hear a whirring sound coming from the room, and my body freezes. No, got to carry on Verity, it's for your brother. I take more steps and wonder what that noise is. Its some sort of grinding machine like back in 10, or maybe it's a tribute from 3 re-wiring a light or something... and the door is right in front of me. So I cautiously open it. And see...

Jewel. With a knife? No. Making a machine? No. Being ground up in a meat grinder? Nope, nope, nope.

Jewel is alone in the room , staring at a flashing screen. I take a step in the room, and realise she has on a strange headset. What? I take another step, a very loud step, and she doesn't even flicker an eyelid. Curiosity beats back fear, and I walk towards her, saying her name and dancing around. Nothing. So I move directly in front of the screen, and her head moves around me. That's it. She's as good as dead.

I'd heard about this in school. In every Modern Hunger Games, there was what they call a 'Mind Trap'. Basically, they put something like a screen in a highly accessible place, and put a  headset near by. So when you put the headset on and turn to the screen, your mind is slowly wiped by this machine. Horrible. And you know what's even more horrible? After your mind is completely wiped clean, the machine rebuilds it. Rebuilds you. So exactly 2 days after you fall into the trap, you rip yourself away as a killing machine. A Mutt.

Again: horrible.

I'd seen it before. Last years tribute from 6 made the deadly mistake. No-one found him in his state, so a couple days later he was a strange looking Mutt. It was a cross between a human and a wolf, and I think it had more features of the wolf. It killed 3  tributes before the career pack finished it off. And they didn't know that it was originally a 14 year old boy.

So I say it again: horrible.

As soon as I get myself a weapon, she'll need to go because she is an extreme danger. She's technically already dead in my mind, but the canon won't go for her until her transformation into a Mutt is complete, or if someone kills her first.

I leave the room to go search for Avro again; I'll deal with Jewel later. She's just 12, poor thing.

I turn into another corridor, and I hear the careers coming in. Shit. My first impulse is to run and hide, so I do. At the end of the corridor is two doors. Upon further inspection they look like  public toilets. I enter the one that appears to be the girls and confirm my suspicion.

I hear voices coming down the corridor I just was in, so I run into the only cubicle in the room. It looks pretty safe, there's no gaps at all so no-one could get me. The bathroom door opens and I stop breathing.

"Ew it's a bathroom." Anneliese.

"Yeah, lets go nothing interesting." Deliah from 2.

"Hey, I think this may be the only one in the arena." Ansa from 4.

"There's no way I'm going in there."

"You don't have to, but I'm going."

Shit, the one I think is Ansa comes towards the door. I freeze and think a silent prayer. The door begins to rattle as she tries to open it.

"It's locked, someone's hiding in here!" I hear them scramble for their weapons and I prepare for my gruesome death, and then the door opens.

"No use girls."

"Our ones locked too, lets go."

I hear footsteps and the door slam so I know the careers had gone. I breathe a sigh of relief, but I don't leave the cubicle yet. I have absolutely no idea when they'll go, so I decide to wait until I hear the national anthem outside and then I can come out of the cubicle and pray to God that Avro is not among the fallen.

Almost in response to my thoughts, the canons go off.

Bang! 1, Bang! 2, Bang! 3, Bang! 4, ... 5, wait? The canons had only gone off 4 times! Only 4 had died in the bloodbath. 4? The number that died at the bloodbath had decreased over the years, but usually it was about 9. 4 dead... that meant 20 were still alive, including me and perhaps Avro.

I run through who was dead in my mind.

1 is Olivia, I saw her head come off. 2 is Circe, Scorpio the traitor was responsible. But who is 3 and 4? I bet it's the Capitol Kids, Saskia and Bayard, they weren't kitted out for the games. But is one of them Avro, is he already dead? No, he couldn't be.

I let the thought out of my head and settle for the long wait in the cubicle, not daring to open the backpack due to the risk of detection. I had survived the bloodbath.

Let the 154th Hunger Games commence...

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