Give Me The Chance To Love You

Victoria Marie Jones (Ria Maria) has not had an easy life. Her parents and sisters died in a car crash when she was 16, her other family doesnt care about her, and she is sick of it. when Ria graduated highschool she left. Packed all her things and moved to a nice flat in London England. She is starting her life over. What Ria didn't know was that she would fall in love with One Directions Niall Horan, or that he would fall inlove with her! What she also never expected was that her new best friend Maria Lynn Love would fall in love with One Directions Harry Styles, or even better that he would fall in love with her!


23. Maria?

*Ria's P.O.V*

I watched Maria storm off. What did I do? Is it something I said? I looked at Harry and he looked as if he was in shock.

"Harry, did I do something wrong?" I asked upset.

"I-I don't know. I'll go talk to her." He managed to studder.

"No, I will."

I walked out of the living room and into Maria and Harry's bedroom. I found Maria sitting on her bed waiting for me.

She looked at me with and upset and angry look on her face. "Ria, how could you get pregnant when you know I was so happy to be pregnant?"

I was shocked. "Maria, what are you talking about? I was pregnant before you. I just didn't tell you."


"Why what?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't tell anybody."

"Yes, I know that, but why?"

"I knew you were pregnant before you did. I knew you were gonna be happy so I didn't say anything. The only person I told was Niall."

"Ria I have barely seen you for about a month! You have been avoiding all of us! And look at you! You are like 7 months pregnant already! How could you hide it from all of us for that long!?"

"5 months."


"I'm 5 months pregnant."

Her jaw dropped, "Only 5 months?"



"Yes, twins..."

"How could you?..."

"What do you mean? You think I planned to get pregnant with twins a month before you got pregnant? No, I wasn't ready for this! I am scared to death! I cried when I found out!"

"Why would you cry?"

"Because I'm scared Maria! I'm afraid of what will happen. Will I be a good mom? Will they like me? Will they hate me? Will they think I'm a bad mother? Will they like their dad? Maria, these are things I think about almost daily. If you havent alreadt noticed I am a nervous wreck!"

She looked up at me and there was tears in her eyes. "Ria, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get mad at you... I was just upset cause you didn't tell me and I'm your best friend and-"

"It's okay."


"I said it's okay. I forgive you."

She jumped up and hugged me "Oh Ria! Thank you!"

"You're welcome." I smiled. "Maria?"


"I umm. I went to the doctors yesterday."


"Well they did another ultrasound and they say I am pregnant with triplets..."


"They think the third baby is very big so she isn't getting as much nutrients. I asked what they mean by that and the doctor said that the two bigger ones will be able to come out naturally but the third they would have to remove by cutting me open."


"Because she or he would be too small to come out naturally and would sufficate coming out the natural way."

"Have you told anybody?"


"Not even Niall?"

"No, I was gonna tell him when I told everybody else..."

"Well then lets go." 



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