Give Me The Chance To Love You

Victoria Marie Jones (Ria Maria) has not had an easy life. Her parents and sisters died in a car crash when she was 16, her other family doesnt care about her, and she is sick of it. when Ria graduated highschool she left. Packed all her things and moved to a nice flat in London England. She is starting her life over. What Ria didn't know was that she would fall in love with One Directions Niall Horan, or that he would fall inlove with her! What she also never expected was that her new best friend Maria Lynn Love would fall in love with One Directions Harry Styles, or even better that he would fall in love with her!


18. Explaining

*Perrie's P.O.V*

As we all sat at the table all eyes were on me. They were waiting for me to tell them what I gathered them for.

I looked up and sighed. "So, I gathered you all here to tell you all the truth. You guys need to know why I lied. Maura I lied to you about Ria. Ria isn't a girl who is using Niall for money, or fame. She doesn't wanna have his babies just to collect money and whatever. She loves Niall with all her heart. I knew from the moment I saw her and Niall together that they were meant to be and I was just jealous. I was jealous because me and Zayn had an argument and I was still mad so I immediatly chose to not like her. I wanted Zayn to look at me like that again." I looked at my twidling hands.

"Why would you do that?" Maura asked sounding shocked.

I looked up at her and a tear slipped from my eye. "I thought if you hated Ria that Niall would break up with her and Zayn would look at me with loving eyes."

Zayn grabbed my hand and I looked over at him. "Baby, I still love you. Why would I not? Perrie, I love you with all of my heart."

"I know you do, but I just wish we had the relationship like Ria and Nialls."

"No, Perrie you don't need to compare us to Niall and Ria. Baby, I know it seems like we are loosing chemistry but we are really getting more chemistry. Answer me this question. How do you know Niall and Ria are truly in love?"

"Well, I-I-" I studdered as Zayn cut me off.

"Look at the way their bodies are right now. Think of how they looke at each other every time they see each other."


"He has given her that same loving look since day one. Thats how we all know that they are truly, madly, deeply, crazy, in love with eachother."

"But Zayn, I want that with you."

"Baby, you do. I have never looked at you a different way then the last. You are my number 1."

"I know but It just seems like everybody else has the perfect relationship but me."

"No Perrie, Thats not true. Maria and Harry fight, but they always make up and they know they love each other. Liam is single, Niall and Ria split up over something stupid, but they are back together and are more then in love, Louis and Elanor have their differences but they put them aside. And me and you are romantic but we don't always show it. So you see Perrie not everybody has a perfect relationship."

I sighed. "Maura I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

She crossed her arms and huffed. "It's not me you should be saying sorry to."

I looked over at Ria and Niall. "I'm sorry..." 

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