Give Me The Chance To Love You

Victoria Marie Jones (Ria Maria) has not had an easy life. Her parents and sisters died in a car crash when she was 16, her other family doesnt care about her, and she is sick of it. when Ria graduated highschool she left. Packed all her things and moved to a nice flat in London England. She is starting her life over. What Ria didn't know was that she would fall in love with One Directions Niall Horan, or that he would fall inlove with her! What she also never expected was that her new best friend Maria Lynn Love would fall in love with One Directions Harry Styles, or even better that he would fall in love with her!


8. Did I Make A Mistake?

*Ria's P.O.V*

It has been three days since everybody left and I have done nothing but watch sappy love stories and eat Nutella. Oh and cry.

So far I have watched The Last Song. Crazy, Stupid, Love. Valentines Day. A Walk To Remember and now I am watching The Notebook. There is just something about this movie right now that is making me not wanna watch it. It is one of my favorite movies and right now I dont even wanna watch it! Why!?

I stopped thinking about why and gave up and watched the movie. My favorite part was coming up.

'So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday. Will you do something for me? Just picture your life for me? 30 years from now, 40 years from now? What's it look like? If its with him, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I can do it again. If I thought that's what you really wanted. But don't you take the easy way out.' -Noah, The Notebook.

No! No, no, no, no, no! Stop thinking of Niall you stupid brain! No! He used me and he... He loved me... How could I have been so stupid as to not realize that he loved me?!

I started replaying what Harry said to me. It was all so true! I jumped up and searched for my phone. Where the hell is it!? I was in panic mode! I needed Niall more then I have ever needed someone. AH HA! I found my phone! I quickly unlocked it and called Harry.

Ring, Ring, Ring-

"Hello?" his voice sounded quiet. Like he was whispering?

"Harry, I- wait why are you whispering?" I asked confused as hell.

"Cause I saw that you were calling and all the guys are with me."

"What does that have to do with anything? And cant they still hear you?"

"No cause I stepped out of the room. And what do you need?"


"What do you mean you NEED Niall?"

"I miss him..."

"So? That doesn't mean you need him."

I sighed, "Harry?"


"I love him..."

"Ahh, so being away from him for three days made you realize this?"

"I tried to tell myself everything possible to make me forget but I just couldn't."

"So you wanna fly out?"

"Yeah. I mean I would have to get a ticket and stuff-"

"No, you just pack your things and go to the Airport. There is a private jet waiting. You should get here right aroung 7 to surprise Niall."

"Harry!? Why is there a private jet, of all things, waiting for me!?" I hissed.

"I knew you would want Niall back but if you hurry and get there at 12 you will get here at 7. It's a sven hour flight so bring shit to do! Gotta go bye!"

He hung up the phone before I could ask him how to surprise Niall. A few seconds later I got a text from Harry.

-Harry- I have a plan. When you get to the hotel text me a blank message and I will know. I will take Niall outside in the back so you can sneak into his room with your stuff and wait for him. Knowing him he will go back in his room within 5 minutes so you will have to hurry. K? Good! See you then! Gotta get back to my Maria! ;)

-Me- Okay I think I can remember all that! Bye! Wait how will get in the door will be locked!

-Harry- We are staying in the pent house and I will tell the elevator people to let you in. Nialls room is the only one with a black and white door handle. The rest of the rooms are white handled.

I set my phone down and ran into my room. I grabbed my two suit cases and packed all the clothes, jewelry, makeup and whatever else I saw and stuffed them into one of my suit cases. Lucky for me they were large suit cases cause I still had to pack my shoes and electronics.

It was about a half an hour till twelve and I was sitting in the back of a limo that Harry forgot to tell me he sent.

"Umm, excuse me?" I yelled up to the driver.

"Yes?" He asked not taking his eyes off the road.

"How long have you been waiting for me?"

"Well about two and a half days."

"You mean to tell me you stood outside for almost three days for me?"

"No, at night I would get inside and move the limo to the gated parking lot across the street and sleep."

"And what about food?"

"People brough me food."


The car stopped and the driver goy my things out of the trunk and opened my door for me.

"Ma'am." He said directing me towards the private jet.

"Thank you, umm... I'm terribly sorry but I don't know your name.." I admitted ashamed of myself.

He chuckled. "It's jacob."

He held his hand out for me to shake. I took it. "I am Ria, jacob."

I smiled up at the jet and walked up the stairs to get in just when I was sure my bags were safe inside. Before I walked inside I turned around and waved bye to Jacob and then I dissapeared inside.

*Harry's P.O.V*

"Babe?" I yelled out to Maria who was being amazing and cooking dinner.

"Yeah?" she yelled back.

"What time is it?"

"Umm, 6:15. Why?"

"Do you have my phone?"

"Yeah its on the counter. You got like three new messages from Ria. Whats going on?"

I ran into the kitchen and read her messages out loud to myself. "From Ria: Just landed. That was at 6. From Ria: Almost there. Thaks for a second limo... Not really thanking you though. That was at 6:10. From Ria: *Blank message*."

"What is going on Harry?"

"Ria's here to surprise Niall! Gotta go distract him!"

I kissed Maria on the cheek and ran to get Niall.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Its hard to think about the next concert. Tonight is the first concert and I was gonna ask Ria to be my girlfriend in stage infront of everybody. It was when I was-


Who could that be? I got up and opened my door and saw Harry.

"Harry?" I was confused. "What do you need?"

He was texting someone really fast and not even looking at me.

He put his phone away and dragged me by my arm out of my room. Luckily I was able to kick my door shut behind me.

What the hell was he doing? "Harry!? What's going on?" I almost yelled 

We were on the second floor pent house kitchen when he finally spoke. "Niall I umm- you know I brought you here to... to... Cheer you up!"

"Cheer me up? Yeah, sure you did. And why did it have to be on our second floor? Why not our main floor kitchen?"

"Cause I wanted to- Make you a sandwhich in private!"

*Ria's P.O.V*

The elevator people were really nice and showed me the pent house with no problem.

Niall's room was easy to find. As soon as I walked in I saw Niall's Door. The second room on the left. I walked in and saw paper scattered all over the room. Most of it was on the bed, but some was on the ground. I set my bags on the ground beside the bed and sat down. As I was waiting for him at the end of his bed I noticed one of the papers said 'Dear Ria.' Infact all of the papers I saw said that.

I gasped and looked up when Niall walked in. I had only been sitting here for two minutes.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Making me a sandwhich me ass! He just wanted to get me out of my room. Maria was in the kitchen on our first floor but I ignored her and walked into my room.

When I walked in I heard a gasp and I froze in my tracks. Was I imagining things? Ria was sitting on the edge of my bed and two large suit cases were on the ground next to my bed.

My mouth opened but nothing came out. I tried again and succeded. "Ria? What- How-" I sighed. "Ria, if you're here to get mad at me some more or-"

"No." She said looking down.

"What do you mean, no"

"That I didn't come here to do any of those things."

"Then why are you here?"

She paused and looked me in the eye's before answering."I came because I- I was wrong..."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you still love me?"

"I don't know Ria. I mean-"

"Do you, or do you not love me?"

She stood up and walked up to me. She stopped when we were about an inch from each other.

I couldn't lie to her. Even if it meant I would get hurt again. I shighed and looked her in the eyes. "I do."

She placed her hand on the nape of my neck and kissed my lips tenderly.

I pulled away. "Ria, why did you come here? I know you didn't come all the way here to ask me if I loved you or not. And I kknow you didn't-"

"I came here to tell you I love you. I came because... I-"

Without hesitation I pressed my lips upon hers. "I love you. SO much." I whispered.

She pulled away. "Niall?"


"I still need to go get a room to stay in."

"Stay with me?"

"Do you really want me to?"

"Ria, I thought I had lost you for three days. You're back and I'm not gonna loose you again."

She sighed. "I just don't wanna fight. I mean-"

"Fight? About what?"

"Well I am sort of a bed hog." She giggled. "I also like to cuddle."

I couldnt help but smile. "Well I am a snuggler too but I am also a bed hog. So we may have a few bed wars." I winked at her

She just smiled at me and layed her head on my chest.



"You know our first concert is in an hour?"

"So you have to leave?" She looked up at me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

Me being the guy that I am puts my hands on her waist and pulls her in close. Our foreheads were resting on eachother and out=r noses were touching. "Ria, now you're making me not-"

"Niall, show starts in an hour! It's time to leave!" Louis screamed pounding on the door.

I looked down at Ria who looked happier then before. I sighed. "I know you missed lou. Go say hi." I smiled.

She squealed and sprang at the door. To my shock Louis was standing there waiting for her.

"I thought that was you in the lobby a few minutes ago!" Louis said almost squealing like Ria.

"I saw you but didn't stop cause I wanted to surprise Niall."

"Well are you coming to the concert in an hour? Since you are touring with us you get whatever you want, and-"

"Yes she is." I smiled and walked up to Ria.

"Thats excellent! So she is  getting ready with El and Perrie?"

"Yep. Wait, Dani isn't coming tonight? I mean I know Her and Liam broke up but she said she was still gonna be here?"

"No, she called and cancled."

"Oh... Well, Ria wanna meet El and Perrie then?"

"Oh, yeah sure!" She giggled.

"Louis where are they?" I asked.

"They are in the main bathroom with Maria doing makeup or something." He said turning and pointing to the bathroom.

"I take it Harry grabbed his food for on the go?"

"Yeah, Maria was preparing his stuff to go when he went to say good-bye. God they were all over each other! It is so adorkable!... Well, I'm gonna go. Niall you have three minutes to get your things and meet us in the hallway."

When Louis left I turned to Ria and gave her a very romantic kiss. My arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her in close to me. When her arms slithered up around my neck I realized we both needed to get ready.

"Baby?" I whispered.

"Hmm?" She murmered into my neck.

"We gotta get ready."

She pulled away and smiled up at me. "Show me where to go."

I gave her a quick peck on the lips and led her to where the girls were and introduced her. "Perrie, El... This is Ria. Maria you already know her." I laughed.

"Well duh I know Ria!" Maria yelled. "Shes my best friend!"

"Yeah, I know! So umm can Ria get ready for tonight and arrive with you guys tonight and stuff?"

"Yeah, thats fine." They all said in unison with eachother.

I looked down at Ria. "Wear something amazing."

She smiled and I gave her one last kiss then I was off.




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