Give Me The Chance To Love You

Victoria Marie Jones (Ria Maria) has not had an easy life. Her parents and sisters died in a car crash when she was 16, her other family doesnt care about her, and she is sick of it. when Ria graduated highschool she left. Packed all her things and moved to a nice flat in London England. She is starting her life over. What Ria didn't know was that she would fall in love with One Directions Niall Horan, or that he would fall inlove with her! What she also never expected was that her new best friend Maria Lynn Love would fall in love with One Directions Harry Styles, or even better that he would fall in love with her!


1. Speechless

*Ria's P.O.V*

Date: 8/29/14

Dear Diary,

Nothing ever happens in my life- well nothing exciting atleast. I wake up, i make my bed, go to the bathroom, eat (as usual), get dressed, and do my makeup. I don't have school anymore so that leaves me with a ton of time. well thats about all I can say about my regular life. I just wish I could tell people about my love for One Direction without them rejecting me... Oh well guess not!


Victoria Marie Jones (A.K.A) Ria Maria Jones!:)


The first entry of my diary has been written. Now I have nothing left to do for the day. No school, my flat has already been cleaned, and I already walked to the park to write in my diary. I come to the park everyday to write in my diary, well unless i am not able to. But other than that im here. No matter if its raining or shining.

I look up abruptly when i hear someone "Ahem" me. I look up to see a beautiful blond haired, blue eyed, fair skinned boy around the age of 20. 21 at the most. My eyes widen as i realize who it is. Niall Horan! Thee Niall Horan from One Direction! I try to say 'yes' but nothing comes out of my mouth when i open it.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, it's just I was wondering if I could sit down next to you? You seemed abit lonely?" he asked me smiling.

Surprisingly I am still speechless but manage to move my legs to the ground instead of sprawled out across the bench. He looked at me with the same smile on his face as he sat down.

"So?" he started looking around, "Well this is sorta awkward so I'm just gonna start. My name is Niall Horan, as you probably already knew that."

"Yes!" I said almost jumping out of my skin.

He laughes, "Well pretty lady, you gonna tell me your name or am i gonna have to guess?"

"Ria. It's short for Victoria. My full name if Victoria Marie Jones, but people call me Ria Maria." I smile sheepishly at him.

He looks at me and smiles and i start to blush.

"OW!" I yelp loudly and grab my mouth.

"Whats wrong?!"

"I bit my lip too hard..."

"You were also blushing." He laughes

"Yeah, I do that a lot- er so I have been told..."

"I ahve an idea!"

"Idea" Idea about what?"

"So this is really strange but you're really cool and i wanna hang out sometime."

"So your idea is to hang out with me sometime?"

"Yeah! It's like you're reading my mind!"

"Well, i usually come here everyday to write in my diary. I leave my flat at around 10 or 11 in the morning and get here about 10 minutes later."

"Do you not have school?"

"No, in America when I was 16 I got 100% on all my things and skipped 11th grade, so I graduated last year and then I moved here."

"Why move here from America? What about family?"


"Yeah your mom, dad, sisters, brothers. All of them?"

"They died, when i was 16, in a car crash that happened right infront of me."

"So your an orphan..."

"Yeah, all i have left is my goldfish, Skittles."

"But what of aunts, and uncles, and them?"

"I couldn't stand to be there while they gave me their fake pitty. So after graduation I left. They don't care anyways. Nobody's even tried to call."

"Ria I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be I'm starting over." I smile at him and see that there are tears in his eyes. "Niall no! Please don't cry!"

"It's just so sad!"

I wipe awaya tear that fell from his eye. his tearwas so warm and his face so soft. I kept my hand on his cheek and rubbed my thumb back and fourth along his cheek bone. He looked up at me and i immediatly became mezmerized by his beautiful eyes.



"Wanna go see a movie tonight?"

He pulled away but quickly grabbed my hand. "I do but-"


"I don't want you to be around the paparatzie- unless you don't care?"

"Niall I have waited since 9th grade year, 2012 to meet One Direction, and now my idol is sitting in front of me holding my hand." I smiled at him.

"Okay, Ria would you like to go to dinner and the movies with me tonight?"

"Yes! I would love too!"

"Great! Umm where do you wanna meet me at?"

"Oh, umm you could picy me up from my flat?"

"I never thought about that! Great idea umm what time? Oh and where do you live?"

"Just umm... well it's 12:00 now so just pick me up at 5? Does that work? And I live at the StarShine flats #16 on the 5th floor. You know where that is?"

"Umm yeah! I actually live on the 6th floor flat #20." He laughed really quickly when saying that then stood up. Still holding my hand he pulled me up then grabbed my other hand.

When he pulled me in close, i could feel his warm breath. I went in and hugged him tight  before pulling away. It When i looked up at him i smiled. I wanted to kiss him But pushed that thought away. It would be too soon and he probably doesnt like me like that anyways.   

*Niall's P.O.V*

It was weird that she lived below me and I never noticed her. How did I do that? She is just so beautiful. hen i saw her sitting alone on the bench I just knew I had to talk to her.

I stood up from the bench and pulled her up with me. When we were both standing up I grabbed her other hand and pulled her close. She immediatly pulled me in for a hug. She was so warm and soft. God I wanted her so bad. Not in a sexual way or anything, but in an 'oh my god i want you to be mine' sort of way.


"Yes?" She asked smiling up at me?

"May i walk you home?"

"It would be an honor."

I let go of her other hand and held her right hand and we walked to our flats.

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