this is my first one so i am sorry if its rubbish

when shy 18 year old Amy moves to London from the USA to begin her new life without her family and starts to work at nandos. her days at work at anything but normal when a boy comes into Amy's life and changes it forever. will it be for the better or the worse?


9. Phone calls


Amy's Pov when Paul pulled up at my house everyone was asleep in the car so I quietly got out got my stuff out of the boot "tell them I said bye and that I had a lot of fun " I said to Paul waving  "I will do bye be careful " he shouted as i got out  "I will do " I  said opening my door  I wonder if Paul says that to everyone "be careful " . I walked into my living room put my bag down and ran up for a shower. while I was running my shower I got out my iPhone and my pj's and lied them on the bed. when I got into the shower all I think about was when Niall had his hands on my waist. was that just because he was being careful not to push me or was it because I just wanted to put his hands on my waist its probably just because he didn't want to push me. when I had stop thinking I got out the shower dryed my hair quickly and put it into a messy bun and quickly put my pj's on and grabbed my iPhone and started to call Sam . I waited a little a bit before a voice came onto the phone  "hello Sam?" "Amy!! " "hello how are you " "I am fine just missing you and your hugs and miss making your breakfast "  "I miss you 2 hows school going ?"  "its ok but its hard without your help " "don't worry I know your a smart girl you can do it "  "hows London ?" "its big and its not as hot as new York but its good I met some people who are really nice to me and I met a nice boy" i said smiling down the phone  "Mum Amy has met a boy" sam shouted down the phone "Thanks Sam " I said "hello Hun hows London and who is this boy ?" "its good its big and just a boy who's in a band who i met at work  "thats nice Hun . have you made any friends  "yeah I have made 9 they are really nice " "thats great Hunny what's their names ? " "5 are in a band called one direction and they are called Louis,Zayn,Liam,Niall and Harry and the other 4 are their girlfriends except Niall his single and their names are Eleanor who is Louis's girlfriend who's a model , Perrie who's Zayn's girlfriend who's in a band called little mix , Danielle who's Liam's girlfriend who's a dancer for Jessie J and loads of other famous people and Emily who's Harry's Girlfriend who's are fashion designer for Jack Wills" "they sound like a great bunch of people Hun well I can tell that your sister wants to talk to you again so I will speak to you soon bye " "bye mum "so sissy tell me about your boyfriend "i don't have a boyfriend Sam " I said laughing "then who's the boy you were talking about before?" "he's just my friend . he's not my boyfriend anyway so hows home then ?"      Niall Pov "guys wake up we are back at the house " said shaking each one of us wake "carry me Paul " said Louis in a baby voice  "fine but this is the last time  "you said that last time Paul " said liam laughing  we all got out and got our stuff out of the boot "what's this picture " questioned Zayn  "thats Amy and her sister Sam she must of dropped it I go around in the morning to give it to her" I said smiling holding it in my hand "lets get in before it starts to rain " we all just ran into the house  "right i am going to and call Greg then going to bed so i will see you guys in the morning "  "ok night mate " they all said  I ran up the stairs to my bedroom and grabbed my iPhone and dialled Greg  "Hey Greg  "hey Niall. its been awhile since you have called what's up bro  "well just the same  tour , signing and hang out with the gang but we have a new member   "oh right what their name" "Its a girl called Amy" "wow thats a nice name what is she like ?"  "she's just amazing , she has brown long wavy hair with bright blue eyes and her smile is to die for . she's a bit shy but she funny and she's also from new York but just moved to London . she just wow " "aww Nialler have you got a crush " " I think I do . I mean I only met her 2 days ago but I feel like .. "like you have known her all of your life . that she makes her heart beat faster when you see her?" "yeah how did you know ? "because its called being head over heels for someone I have been there " "she's different compared to everyone else that I have met and she works at nandos which is awesome but I don't know I think my years of searching for my princess is over now I think I have finally found my princess but 1: i don't know if she's single and 2: how can i get a girl like her to be with a guy like me ?" "the first thing is get close to her . you said she moved here well show her around London oh and don't forgot dad is coming down to see you so don't forgot" "when is he coming down again ?" "next Thursday until the Sunday so just to prepare you "  "ok thanks Greg I will speak to you later i am pretty tired I will speak to to you later "ok Nialler and keep me posted about how its going with Amy  "bye " and we both hung up how was I going to get close to Amy ?  
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