this is my first one so i am sorry if its rubbish

when shy 18 year old Amy moves to London from the USA to begin her new life without her family and starts to work at nandos. her days at work at anything but normal when a boy comes into Amy's life and changes it forever. will it be for the better or the worse?


2. packing


Amy POV  As I looked at my watch i realised that i had loads of packing to do before i leave i quickly rushed to my car and drove home As I closed my car door and locked it my dad came up the drive with my sister " Amy!" shouted Samantha running towards me "Samantha !" i shouted back picking her up " How was school today ? " I asked her " i was OK but I remember that your leaving " she replied back with tears in her eyes " aww don't worry you can visit any-time you want " as i was hugging her we all walked inside the house to a loads of boxes that were there this morning of my stuff I put Samantha down  " you better finishing packing. go on up stairs " my mum said in a fun voice I nodded and ran up the stairs and put my bag down i can't believe that i am finally moving out . I started to put all of my clothes in an empty box. there was a knock at my door I put all of my clothing on my bed and opened the door "can I help you pack ?" ask Samantha in a sweet voice " em, ok  but watch where you sit cuz things are out please" I smiled and let her in I pick up my clothing again and one by one I folded them and put them in the box "Amy can i ask you something " Samantha said  " yeah of course you can ask me anything " I said while putting the last few clothes in the box  "  when you go London i will forget about us?" she asked looking down. " of course i won't forget you . how could i forget about my little sister. how about i ring every thurday? and it will be like our time for us to speak and tell each other how our week was ? " "yeah i would really like that " she replied i huged her and tears started to roll down mine and her face "right how about after i finish we go to the park?" " yay" she shouted I closed up my box with my clothes in and started to pack my teddies. holding one in my hand  " how about you keep this one to remember me by " i said giving her my big teddy " and if you ever get scared just remember that I will be there fighting them away for you " I smiled " thank you I will name it Amy " she said cuddling it " just shoes and hats  left to pack then we can go to the park " i said smiling I put all of my shoes in one box carefully and my caps in another one I taped them both up and i was finally finished packing " right I just need to take these down stairs and then we can go so go and get ready " I said smiling I picked up my box and carried it down the stairs and did that 3 times . so lets just say i have some musculus now after carrying them down the stairs " TEA IS READY " shouted  their mum " ok we will be down there soon" i answered back we both ran down the stairs like bullets i walked to the kitchen first and picked up my plate " i never thought we would our last dinner but i guess we are " mum said sounding sad " I am gonna miss your home cooking mum " i said trying to make her smile and it worked she smiled "Is it ok if me and Samantha go to the park after tea " i asked " sure but make sure to be back by 7? " mum said  " I promise " i said smiling " can we go now " ask Samantha " yes let me get my coat" i said taking my plate into the kitchen I grabbed my coast and my shoes and head to the front door  as I opened the front door the cold wind hit me  "Amy can i come to the airport tomorrow with you ? " asked Samantha " of Course i want you there with me until i have to go to the gates " I said smiling down at her we walked about 2 minutes to get the park and we both ran to the swings  " Do you want me to push you sam? " " yeah please " she asked in a sweet voice as it got dark we started to walk home and we got home for about 6:45 cuz it got dark early  " were home " I shouted  " ok Hun " shouted my mum from somewhere we both took off our coats and shoes and we both ran to the sofa . " shouldn't you go to bed . you have a long day tomorrow?" questioned my dad " yeah I am pretty tired . you want to come and sleep with me for tonight "I said yawning  " yeah I will go get ready" said Samantha I got up and ran up the stairs to catch up with Samantha  I got into my pj's that I was going to put into my bag for when I get there .  "you guys going to bed ? " my mum said we both nodded with mouths full of toothpaste "ok night girls " mum said smiling we both went to my room " right you get in first " I told Samantha  " ok " she said smiling  I climbed into bed after her I turn out the lights and we were cuddling each other for warmth cuz it was so cold in my room we both fall asleep then our sleep was interrupted by ..   
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