this is my first one so i am sorry if its rubbish

when shy 18 year old Amy moves to London from the USA to begin her new life without her family and starts to work at nandos. her days at work at anything but normal when a boy comes into Amy's life and changes it forever. will it be for the better or the worse?


10. Out with the girls


Amy Pov  I was woken up by my phone  "hello?" "Hi This is Eleanor . Niall give me your number " "oh hey Eleanor how are you ?" "I am good thank I would wondering if you wanted to come shopping with us girls so we can show you where you good shops are in London up for it ?" " Thats sounds great "ok we will pick u up in an hour cya then " "bye " and we both hung up . I better get up and start getting ready  I quickly got out of bed and turn on the shower after getting out the shower I dryed my hair then curled it then went to my wardrobe which finally had all of my clothes in . I picked out black skinny jeans with a blue top with free hugs on it with my blue converses I quickly put on some eye-liner with some lip gloss and grabbed my keys,phone,purse and lip gloss . this is going to be a great day getting to know the girls some more. I had 10 minutes left so I decided to have some coffee and a cookie . just as I finished my coffee the door bell rang  "coming 2 minutes " "ok " shout Eleanor on the other side of the door  when i opened the door Eleanor was wearing black skinny jeans with a pretty cream see-though top with a white under top "you look really pretty today Amy " "awe thank you, you look  pretty too I like your top " "awe thank you, right this way to the car " we both walked to her BMW which was Red  "nice car " "thank you Louis brought me it for our anniversary " "wow thats really cool " "right lets get going "  "Eleanor and Danielle know all of the good shops to go to " said Perrie  "we sure do " they both said together laughing "so Amy do you like anyone in band we will not mind if you say one of our boyfriends?" Asked Emily  "I kind of like Niall? i said blushing  They all screamed I thought we had crashed "I know there was something between you 2 " Said  Eleanor  "he totally likes you " Shouted Danielle  "no he doesn't he doesn't even notice me"  "you didn't see him when he first saw you he nearly jumped out of his seat when you came over to take our order. trust us he likes you " said Perrie  I don't know if I did trust them yet I mean I only had known them for a day but maybe today I will get to know them more  "Right girls we are here are you to shop until we drop " Said Danielle "I am sure am  . I have been waiting for this moment all week " said Eleanor  "do you guys go shopping every week?" i asked  "yeah every Saturday its way for the boys to get jobs / signings done while we are away shopping because we all the know the boys hate shopping " laughed Eleanor "OMG there is Victoria Secrets lets go in girls " screamed Danielle  all of us ran towards this massive shop which was massive and when we got in lets just say Eleanor and Danielle knows everyone in this shop  "welcome girls " said a tall guy that looked a lot like Liam     "hi Jack we are here for our shopping trip but we have a new person with us today " Said Danielle  "this is Amy she just moved here from new York she's part of our crew now so you may see her more often with us in the future" Danielle said pointing at me  "well welcome Amy to Victoria Secrets I hope you guys enjoy your shopping trip and if you need anything just asked " "thank you " I said smiling I looked around the racks for some new clothes  "what do you think of this dress? " I said holding up a blue skinny dress "I love it go try it on " Perrie said pointing to the fitting room I looked for my size and headed for the fitting rooms, i put my bag on the floor and tried on the dress. i walked outside to give the girls a look at the dress "what do you think of it?" I asked "you look .. wow "They all said at the same time  "awe thank you " i said blushing "you need to get that for tonight" Emily said  "what's happening tonight?"  "we are going out with the boys to the club and since your apart of the gang now you get to come "  "Niall will go crazy when he sees you in the dress tonight right lets go and find some shoes for that dress and we also we need to find our dresses for tonight " Said Perrie said while looking the rack "you get changed and then meet us at the shoes " Eleanor said  "I will wait for you " Said Perrie  "ok I will only be 2 minutes "  "you take your time its ok " I quickly toke off the dress and grabbed my bag and headed out the fitting rooms with my new dress to see Perrie  "right I am ready " "ok lets go and find the girls " and we walked over to the girls at the shoes and i picked up some nice black heels and headed for the check out "have you guys found your dress in the end " I asked "yeah but you will have to wait until tonight to see it "  we shopped for about 4 hours then went to Starbucks  "God I love Starbucks coffee they make it so sweet " "so where do you guys want go next" asked Danielle "I think we have been everywhere I think we should head home to get ready for tonight " said Eleanor  "good idea El right everyone got their stuff and lets headed to the car " said Danielle we all headed to the car and we drove home . "we will see you tonight we will pick u up at 8 so be ready bye " shouted El out the window "bye thank you for a great day " I shouted back  I opened my front door . I can't wait for tonight with the gang ...
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