this is my first one so i am sorry if its rubbish

when shy 18 year old Amy moves to London from the USA to begin her new life without her family and starts to work at nandos. her days at work at anything but normal when a boy comes into Amy's life and changes it forever. will it be for the better or the worse?


6. New job


I was woken up at 7:30 by my phone  "hello?" " Hi Niall you ok " a voice said  " I am sorry but you have the wrong number " "Oh sorry " and they hung up. I decided to get up and get ready so walked into my bathroom and got my shampoo and conditioner for my hair and started to run the shower.I thought a lot about how the phone call . was this Niall person hurt or was he just being friendly. I stud there for a good 20 minutes just thinking about this Niall person maybe I should ring back asking if he found his friend. when I finally did get out the shower it was 8 so I quickly dried my hair and put it up in a messy bun. I looked through my wardrobe for something to wear . I decided to wear a white plain t'shirt with black skinny jeans with a grey hoddie and my black vans. I quickly grabbed my phone and slided down the stairs which was fun and grabbed a bowl of cereal and eat it so fast then I washed up the bowl and put it back in cupboard . I grabbed my new house keys check to see if my strightners was off and ran out the house and locking it behind me .I walked for like 20 minutes and I finally found the restaurant which hopefully I was going to work at if I pass the interview  "hello how can I help you today" " hi I am here for an interview with Caroline" " yeah ok one moment please " I waited and looked around the restaurant it was nice . " hi you must be Amy . Hi I am Caroline and welcome to nandos" "Thank you " " Are you ready for the interview?" " I am ready " i said smiling "Ok come with me and we will get started " we both went into a room and the interview lasted about 30 minutes " I am pleased to tell you that you can join our team of waitresses at nandos. give me 2 minutes while I get you a t'shirt and a note pad  " Caroline said smiling at me  "here you go your t'shirt with a badge and a note pad. you can now start " said Caroline  A big group of people came walking in and sat down at a table  "Hello welcome to Nandos . I will be your sever today. Here are your menus, would you like any drinks? " i said trying to be polite with a smile on my face  " Erm, can we all have 10 cokes please " said a boy with a jumper on  " yeah I will be back with your drinks soon " I said smiling I quickly got out 10 glasses and filled them up with coke and put them all on a tray " here is your drinks " i said smiling "thank you very much " they all said i walked away when I felt someone touch my arm "yes can I help you with something?"  i asked the boy  " come and sit down with us ..? " Amy and I can't sorry I am working maybe another day "  i walked away and severed some other people.I noticed that that boy kept staring at me. it made me laugh  "Waitress? "Yes?" "can we have 10 burgers and what's your name ?"  " yeah I will get them now and Amy" I said smiling " thats a pretty name. I am liam , thats my girlfriend Danielle , that's Zyan , thats his girlfriend perrie , thats harry and Louis with Eleanor and Emily and that's Josh and thats Niall" Liam said smiling " nice to meet you all . I will get your food now" i said smiling and going off to the kitchen  I asked for the food and stud at the bar "Hello " said Niall "Hi . your food is on its way " I said back    " oh ok thank you.So how long have you being working here ? " Erm, just about 2 hours now . I only started today " I said smiling " well you seem like you have been working here longer. by the way when's your lunch break ?" " thank you and I dunno if I get a lunch break cuz I just started " I said shrugging  " well when you do . would you mind if I took you somewhere so i could get to know you better because you seem like a nice girl  ?" "If I do get a break I would love to get to know you better because you seem like a nice boy " I said smiling  "So should I give you my number so you can text me when you know the answer ?" he said with hope in his blue eyes  " sure I will give you my phone " i said smiling. after I said that we both gave us our phones to put our  numbers in each other phones "So I will text you when I get my break and your food is ready  " I said    " ok I will go and sit down then" Niall said smiling " I would if I was you" I said laughing   I went back into the kitchen to get their food and bring it out on tray "Here you guys go enjoy your meals call me if you need anything" I said walking away.  I stud behind the bar just watching people walk through the door then I noticed harry pointing at me. I wonder why he was pointing at me ? i walked over to them "Are you guys finished ?"I asked  " yes thank you . could we have the bill please ?" asked Louis  " its ok this is on the house " I said " No we will pay " shouted Louis in a friendly way  " if your sure " I said shyly " yes go get my the check " laughed Louis I ran to get the que and came back pretty quickly  "here you go " I said trying to look normal  "thank you " louis said smiling  "pass me your plates please" I asked kindly "I will help you carry them " said Niall get the rest of plates  "thank you your a great help. Erm can you put them down there please " I said smiling at him we both put the plates down on the counter. He suddenly started to smile at me " your smile is really pretty Niall" He Just Blushed and looked away  "here is the check and thank you for your great service bye" said harry  " no problem come back any time " I said back at them "You can Now go now Amy" said Caroline  " ok thank you " I said  I walked out I got my phone and start to text Niall  "Hey. I just got out of work meet me in 5 minutes -Amy" "OK I will be there asap-Niall"...
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