this is my first one so i am sorry if its rubbish

when shy 18 year old Amy moves to London from the USA to begin her new life without her family and starts to work at nandos. her days at work at anything but normal when a boy comes into Amy's life and changes it forever. will it be for the better or the worse?


7. Getting to know Each other


I stud outside nandos waiting for Niall.I was still in my work clothes but he had changed into some different but nice looking clothes "Hey sorry I am late . it was traffic." he said trying to not be nervous "Its fine.Its not like is raining or anything " i said laughing he put his jacket over my shoulders "You don't have to do that "  " I do because its raining and i don't want you getting wet in your work clothes "  " But you will get wet "  "that doesn't matter . I want you to keep dry for your work " " so where do you wanna go?" "Erm, Dunno but we need to get out this rain " If you want you can come to my house?" i asked  "sure. I will drive us there " "Ok, quick before it gets heavier"I said laughing  we both ran to his car and drove to my house, as we pulled up to my house I started to get out my key. We finally pulled up to my house . " Get Ready to run? "Niall said.we both looked at each other and laughed   "yep on 3 " "1,2,3 RUN!!!!" and with that we both opened our doors and ran for the house. I was the first one in the house "wow your house is massive " he said  "thank you I know isn't it its got 6 bedrooms all with bathrooms  " thats better than mine " he said shocked " make your self at home I am just gonna change I will be back" "ok thank you "  he shouted  I quickly opened my wardrobe to find something that was dry but was but nice.I picked up a nice top with skinny jeans.After i put my hair up in a bun, I ran down the stairs to find niall in my fridge.I cleared my throat "looking for anything " I said laughing " Erm, just food " he said laughing back " your going to have a hard job because I was going to do my food shopping today until you came along and asked to hang out so hows pizza?" " yeah sure I will order " he said and I just nodded  I walked over to my sofa and turned on the fire because i had no heating yet . Niall come over and sat down and i sat down next him but we had space between us  " so what made come to London then? " he asked "well i wanted a new start which meant a new city why people don't know me yet and don't judge me" i asnwered back  "what do you mean judge you?" " well my whole life i have always been judged for what i do , say and wear and i am sick of being made fun of so i decided to move to london when i was 18 and why i am here now " i said trying not to be rude " i know how you feel I was the same until one day i decided to audition a TV show called x factor. its a show over here where you sing and see if they judges like it and they did but when it came to the second around I didn't make it but they decided to make me and 4 other boys a group and we came 3rd in the competition and we got signed and well we are known as the biggest boy band at the moment . you may of heard about us we are called one direction ? " he said  "Omg I love your music " i said trying to act cool " I guess your a fan " " yep your music give me a reason to live because before you cam along my life was at rock bottom but your voices made me get through my high school and got me where I am today " I started to tear up and so did Niall  the door bell rang " I'll get it " i said jumping over the sofa i open the door, payed for the pizza and closes the door. i went to the kitchen and got some plates out  " food is ready and you want a beer ?" i asked " cool and yes please " he said getting a piece of pizza with a plate   we spent the rest of the night laughing and joking "its getting late i should be going " he said getting up " if you want you can stay here tonight in one of the spare rooms ?" i asked " erm, yeah ok thank you . i just need to tell liam and then it will be sorted " he said smiling God i loved his smile ,it was like everything I wanted to be. i wanted to be carefree , happy and beautiful  "right i told liam and i am going to head off to bed " he said " ok i will show you your room " i said walking up the stairs  " is this room for you " i asked "yep its great thank you for letting me stay here " he said "its fine . night " i said closing the door and going into my bedroom then hoping into bed and turning out the lights  today was a good day. i met some new people , got a job and got to know a boy .lets hope tomorrow is going to be the same . 
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