this is my first one so i am sorry if its rubbish

when shy 18 year old Amy moves to London from the USA to begin her new life without her family and starts to work at nandos. her days at work at anything but normal when a boy comes into Amy's life and changes it forever. will it be for the better or the worse?


8. Beach


Amy's Pov  I woke up late today since I wasn't working so I was just going to go to the local shops and get some food for my fridge and my cupboards. I got up and went into my bathroom, and god did I look horrible in the morning so I put my hair up in a bun and went down the stairs  "Morning Amy " Morning Niall"  "what's for breakfast?" he said with his prefect smile "Erm, cereal again ?" I said laughing    Niall Pov: "Erm,cereal " she said with a laugh God her laugh was amazing.How did a girl with so much beauty end up in England  she looks really tanned which is good because in England we don't get much sun but today it was a lucky day because it was sunny. so i decide to ask if she wanted to go to the beach "hey what you up to today ?" "Erm, just getting some food for my house. you ? " she said with a smile  "Me and my friends are going to the beach. would you like to come along with us ? " " Erm, I don't want to spoil your fun " " you won't in fact you will make it better. please?" "fine but don't blame me if your day gets ruined because i warned you " " ok you get ready and we will pick u in an hour so go get ready " and with that she ran up the stairs and got ready and i went out to meet the boys    Amy Pov  Niall just asked me to go to the beach with him and his friends but I had some issues with my body like I have scares from when I used to cut myself or should I say try and from people beating me up but I just got changed into a binki with shorts and a vest top. I went to the bathroom and put on some make-up and sun cream I check my iPhone it said 10:59 they would be coming soon I should put my hair up quickly but pout some shoes on    Niall Pov When I stepped into liam's house I saw the boys with their girlfriends. I was the only single one everyone had a girlfriend accept me which made me feel like the third wheel all the time but maybe I will have a girlfriend soon.  "Hey Nialler " "Hey Liam " " you ready for the beach ? " " yep I just need to get on some shorts and a t'shirt " " you seem more happy then usual. what's happened and where were you last night ?" " don't worry liam . I just stayed over a friend who was girl and is called Amy who maybe coming to the beach with us . is that ok with you guys. she's really nice and she just so pretty "  " aww little Niall has got a crush "  " shut up Louis " I said playfully I looked at my watch . "we need to set off to the beach otherwise there will be no spaces on the beach for me,perrie, Eleanor and  Emily " said Danielle  "Right well lets go then " said liam "we need to pick up Amy " I said smiling like an idiot " ok we need to pick up Niall's girlfriend "  " she's not my girlfriend yet " I said smiling. the thought of her makes me smile we all got into the car which was driven by Paul our body guard "where to? " "Erm, to 4 chuntering street please Paul" "why there?" "cuz Niall's new friend lives there and she coming with us " "ok but be careful Niall " " I will be Paul  " i said Laughing  we pulled up to her house and i ran out to knock on door "Amy. are you ready "  " yeah 2 minute just getting my bag "  "ok " i said she finally opened the door "sorry I had to get my bag. right I am ready to go. just a bit nervous about your friends , I am not good with meeting new people  " she said walking to the car  "ok and don't worry about my friends they will love you" i said walking beside her we got into the car  " right you remember everyone from the restaurant. that is liam and thats his girlfriend Danielle  next to Danielle thats Eleanor and thats Louis . behind us thats harry and Emily and next to them is Zayn and Perrie  " I said pointing at them  "nice to meet you all " she sounded very shy " after a 30 minute drive " we are here at the beach " "thank god my body is asleep" said Zayn " "you will be able to get out after I have checked for paps stay here " Paul said getting out the car "so who's ready for the beach ?" said Liam  "We are " said Zayn and Perrie "We are so we can get a tan " Said Louis tickling Eleanor  "we are so ready " said Harry and Emily  "Are you ready for the beach Amy " said Liam softly she just nodded I guess she was just shy I  mean I would be at first but hopefully she will come out of her shell   "right the is no paps so have a good time and be safe " Paul said staring at harry  "oh I will be " Harry said winking at Emily  "you better be . now go and have fun i will pick you guys back up at 4? "yeah or we will call if any sooner " said Liam Liam opened the door and we all just ran out  "you go girls and we will get the stuff " Liam said "lets go girls " said Danielle  "Erm, do you need any help Liam ?" said a quiet voice of Amy  "its ok we got it but thanks " Liam Said softly And with that she walked away down the hill  "Niall ?"  "Yeah? " "You going to help or just stand there like a lemon?" "yeah sorry I just " i stuttered  "staring at Amy" Liam said with a smile on his face  "Maybe?" . I brush of red came over my face  "The quicker we get this stuff out the more time you get to spend with her" we pretty much just threw everything out the car and headed to the spot the girls have chosen    Amy Pov  As I sat down on my towel with my shorts on, i watched the girls in the water with their flawless bodies and theirs me with scars on my arms. Why can't I have their bodies . lets just get my sun cream out and my iPhone. I puts my headphones in and put  "I'm all out of love " on and started to put my sun cream.Eleanor came over so i had taken one earphone out "Hey you come in the sea with us " she smiled her smile was just pretty "I am not much of swimmer but you can join me in tanning if you want to you don't have to though  " I said "i would love to join you " she said pulling up her towel with the rest of the girls  "So how come you came to London if you don't mind me asking " " I moved from new York for a fresh start  " i tried hard to not let any tears fall "what made you have a fresh start " asked Eleanor   "well at my school I was always considered  not being good enough to have friends so for 8 years I have had no friends because everyone thought I was a freak " a tear rolled down my face  "sorry i will stop talking now " she said wiping away my tear "its fine i am just being stupid "  "no your not your just letting your emotions out " said perrie with a smile "so what do you guys so in London like job wise ?" i asked shyl "well Perrie is a singer in a band called little mix , I am a model , Danielle is a Dancer and Emily a fashion designer for a Jack Wills " Eleanor said  "wow you guys have awesome jobs unlike me i work in nandos " i said "Believe Niall would love to have your job " Said Emily laughing  "why ? " i questioned  "Niall adores Nandos " Said Eleanor  "So what you guys talking about?" asked Liam "just Asking Amy about her life " Danielle said kissing liam on the cheek All of the boys came over with the beach stuff and all sat down with their girlfriend but Niall sat between me and Zyan  " Anyone coming for a swim ?" questioned Zayn Getting up and going towards the sea Eleanor,Danielle,Louis,Liam and perrie went with Zyan while Harry and Emily went to get ice cream which just left me and Niall  "you can go if you want you don't have to sit with me ?" i said smiling "But I want to stay with you " he smiled  "How are you finding London so far ?" "Its a big place but i will find my way around soon hopefully " i said laughing "So Niall do you have any brothers or sisters? " i asked  " I have a older brother called Greg and you ? " I have a little sister called Samantha but I call her Sam"  "how old is Sam?" "she's going to be 5 in July.I Have a picture of her here " giving him the photo "wow she looks lot like you .I bet you miss her alot "  " I do loads she's like my best friend i love her to pieces " i said with a tear falling down my face "come here " he said with his arms open and giving me hug  "when did you last talk to her ?" he said rubbing my back "2 days ago i was suppose to call her last night but i forgot . how could i forgot to ring my own sister " i said crying into his chest "its ok you have been busy unpacking and getting settled in she will understand " he said . I got up and wiped my tears "thanks for the hug it really helped and i am sorry for being so emotional"  "Don't be silly its natural to cry when you miss your family i mean my family lives in Ireland so I cry sometimes but you got to remember to make them proud . come on lets go in the water " "i am not much of a swimmer" suddenly niall picked me up and ran towards the water  "your going in " and he threw me in the water  it went black..i could hear Eleanor shouting "NIALL SHE CAN'T SWIM " and thats all I remember    As I opened my eyes i saw the boys around me with Niall holding my hand and the girls crying "she's opening her eyes " Whispered Louis  "Amy?" Emily questioned  "what happened? i said rubbing my eyes  "I threw you into the water as a joke but after i threw you in i found out you could not swim . i am so sorry that i did that to you " niall said looking into my eyes  "its ok you don't know " i give him a short smile   " I should have thought more though "  "don't be silly I am fine so don't worry I am just gonna stay on the sand from now on " i said laughing "Thats Probably a good idea " said Zayn "are you sure your ok?" asked Danielle  " I am fine I swear you go have fun i don't want to spoil your time in the sun " and with that they give me all a hug and headed for the water "are you not going Niall?" "Erm, no I want to make sure your ok " he said smiling . his smile was amazing "Niall I am fine you go have fun. i know that you don't get much time to enjoy yourself and to even have sunny so go and enjoy it while you can " " I want to enjoy it with you " he said smiling "well how about we play a game of football ?" i suggested  "sounds like a plan I will get the others"  and he ran off to get the guys and came running back  "right 1st team : me,Louis,Eleanor,Danielle and Amy and 2nd team is Harry,Emily,Zayn,Perrie and Nialler ready lets go " said  Liam playing football with the guys was great. I felt like I had finally found people that accepted me as I was and that they were all a big family together.During the game Niall kept touching my waist which i liked but it also made me laugh a lot and when harry fell over we were on the floor laughing it was so funny. I was having a great time . "3-3" Liam said "WE WILL BEAT YOU " shouted Louis playfully  "NO WE WILL" shouted Zayn Playfully it came down to penalties "come on nialler" shouted Zayn as Niall kicked the ball luckly Liam saved it "better lucky next time niall " i shouted laughing "Come on then Amy your turn to shoot And i did and it went past harry. I Jumped up in the air "Get in there Amy girl " shouted Danielle and we all sang "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS " Toward their team laughing "COME ON GUYS ITS GETTING LATE" shouted paul "COMING " we all shouted we quickly packed up our stuff and ran for the car "everyone in?" said paul in the drving seat Liam was counting everyone "yep everyones here go paul " and with that we drove off home  
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